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Out of Office – Mr & Mrs

So solely due to the help from our friends and family we managed to organise a wedding and Jen even agreed to marry me. A post full of thanks to those who made it and some recommendations if you ever want to get married in Italy to follow sometime shortly (alcohol and better things to do dependent).


  1. What wonderful rings… congratulations!!!

  2. sunfug

    Looks like you got some sunshine on your wedding day. Terrific rings. Congratulations!

  3. Love that Accutron! 😉

  4. very cute rings!! 🙂 congratulations guys! All the best to ya’ll..

  5. Mark

    Love the rings!

  6. PhilD

    Tom & Jen – hearty congratulations on the nuptials. I trust the eating has been spectacular. Best wishes, Phil.

  7. nulle

    Congralutions on the commitment…Enjoy the honeymoon…do let us know if any bundles of joy are expected in the not so distant future 🙂

    i am curious, how long you two were engaged?

    • Thanks – hopefully the bundles of joy will delay themselves a touch so we can prepare ourselves. Also we need to make sure Ring the cat is ready :/

      We were engaged only 6 months but together for many more years. Didn’t see any reason to wait.

  8. Suzie

    Congrats! All the best for the next step in life ^^

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