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Linus’ ‘Bama Style BBQ video and next pop-up

So this is a post with a video and all this text is just fluff. One of our friends in Seoul – Linus – is a BBQ obsessive and over the past year has been slowly and obsessively cooking BBQ for us to try and bring a bit of Alabama to Seoul. Linus’ Facebook page is here.

He’s now reached the stage where a big and fancy custom new smoker is about to arrive from the States and he is selling his smoked wares to the public. However, we wanted to document where all this began and the lengths he goes to to get the perfect smoke. The video is below and you can click and watch it on Vimeo high quality if you want.

For the Love of BBQ from Pudding Pop & Minimize on Vimeo.

And in case you are hungry and live in Seoul… a couple of weeks ago Linus decided to do a pop up for friends and family in Seoul which Jen and I helped out at. We were surprised about quite how many turned up as we served over a 180 covers. Given that it was my first experience working service this killed me and took me three weeks to recover. Everyone else said it was easy.

Still, another one is scheduled for Saturday 8 September at Ways of Seeing in Itaewon. All the details are on the FB page here. It’s open to all so come along and eat the meat. And say hi to the stressed looking white guy carrying plates if you are there as that’s me.

PS the video was done as a partnership between Pudding Pop Media and Minimize Productions who should hopefully be doing a series of interesting Seoul based video stuffs going forward. They are talented little munchkins though I kind of have to say that as one is run by Jen…


  1. I am a big fan of your blog overt at Butter&Yolk and I am loving this post! AWESOME video!! Thank you for sharing. I am going to share on the B&Y facebook page because I think everyone should check out what you are doing and the beautiful work on this video..way to got Jen!

    • Glad you like the video. Was a bit of fun to shoot last weekend. I was just glad it didn’t rain :). Shame you aren’t here to try the final product. It should be pretty special and thanks for sharing it!

  2. I didn’t realise the next pop-up would be so soon. I’ll be there!

    • Grin – well it is just because we are off to London for a while and I think Linus needs his free helpers. Look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Tess

    Wow, gorgeously shot. The charcoal was magical, and I almost teared up at the sight of him fanning away, alone above the city.

  4. Totally awesome video. And just a bit inspirational as well. Brilliantly produced and a what a great subject matter. Wish I wasn’t 5536.79 miles away from Seoul.

  5. Thanks for this valuable post. I read it and enjoyed it very much.

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