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Restaurant Review: Tsuru Sushi in Liverpool Street and the katsu sandwich

Tsuru Sushi is the first restaurant which has really tested my blogging resolve. When I started this blog I only had two rules. First, I pay for what I eat. Second, I review anonymously. Now the second rule is never going to be a problem. The first…

Well I have the privilege to be friends with Luiz who is the author of the great and very popular blog the London Foodie (here).

He knew the owners of Tsuru and got invited to the opening and asked if Jen and I wanted to join him.  On one hand was my rule “I pay for what I eat“. On the other hand there was free sushi. So I went.  It was great.  There were Japanese drummers, free food, lots of alcohol, I found a bottle of sake and then we all ended up in Boho Mexica (here) sinking margaritas.

However, I could not with any blogger honour intact review it as normally when I go to restaurants I don’t have Japanese drummers serenading me.

So… I went the next day and in under two weeks have managed to visit a further three times. Part of the reason is it is in the building next to mine. The other reason is that it is easy, pretty cheap and fast. The key reason however is it offers corrupt Japanese food in the form of a katsu sandwich.

Now we all love Japanese food (and being a huge fan of Tokyo I know it goes so much further than sushi or sashimi) but the type of Japanese food we get in London is all a bit healthy. Tsuru have taken the rather clever step of getting a chicken katsu and sticking it between cheap bread. And it works. And it only costs £3.95.

As for the rest of Tsuru’s offerings the sushi is not Itsu standard which is a good thing. It is high level £5 a box stuff.  It won’t make you forget that piece you had in Tsukiji fish market but it will make you happy for a London lunch. They also do a series of hot dishes that look pretty good but I haven’t had a chance to try.  I have to admit the stand alone katsu curry is not quite to my taste despite it being their speciality. I was raised on a different one and that still rules my taste buds. Still it is pretty tasty.

The venue itself is hidden off the back of Bishopsgate in Liverpool Street in Broadgate Tower. This should be as inhumanely sterile and corporate as an experience as you can get but it is actually quite nice. Broadgate Tower has a sheltered bit out back which is a good place to sit and eat in. And they serve Asahi for those long days.

All in all I really like Tsuru even if I am going to get fat on their katsu sandwich.

  • Price – £5 to 10 a head
  • Address – 201 Bishopsgate City of London, EC2M 3AB (+44 20 7377 1166)

PS after several visits I would say that the chicken thigh katsu sandwich is the best variety (they do chicken breast and pork)


  1. The London Foodie

    Thank you for the link and compliment, it was great fun spending some time with you, Jen, Uyen and Simon at the launch of Tsuru on Bishopsgate. Those margaritas were sensational but very deadly… I liked Boho Mexica too as Jen was did some most expert ordering. Thanks!

  2. Douglas Blyde

    Intriguing. Great review. I've just interviewed the interior designers who did this site. Incidentally, if you're free next Thursday morning, do drop me a line. I'm in charge of inviting writers to a salami event with Francesco Mazzei and Giorgio Locatelli. Many thanks.

  3. Tom

    Luiz – of course. Thank you for the invite and getting me addicted to katsu sandwiches… Today is the kind of day where I feel like drink margaritas outside and doing no work.

    Douglas – I think the interior designers did a good job with what is as corporate an environment as you can get. It is actually quite a nice space. Makes me think of L'Anima which is again beautiful despite being in the ground floor of a pretty cruddy office block.

    Thanks so much for the invite as I adore Mazzei's (proper non Pizza Express) food but I am taking my best friend (who fortuitously doesn't read this blog) to a pork butchery course at the Ginger Pig that day for his birthday. Have a great time though!

  4. London Chow

    Was there just yesterday evening just before they closed. Was thinking of posting about it soon. Food was quite fine, especially the curry (in the curry katsu that is). Pity that there was not much publicity going on about this. I mean, there's no other fuss free Japanese place in the vicinity so I'm surprised that it's not packed!

  5. Tom

    London Chow – if you work in the area I would also recommend Japanika but that is definitely a take away place and not somewhere to linger.

    I am also really impressed by it and think it will steadily get really popular. Anyone I have taken from work has been a big fan.

  6. London Chow

    Thanks! Have not heard of Japanika yet. Will look out for it. I think Tsuru's getting crowded during lunchtimes. 🙂

  7. Tom

    London Chow – it does seem to be getting a bit busy. I am looking forward to the sun coming out and enjoying their sashimi and a kirin beer outside..

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