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perfection lives here – Roganic

There are some restaurants you can be pretty confident about before going if you read a few reviews. Based on these reviews (Nordic Nibbler/ Gourmet TravellerLondonEater etc) I was pretty damn certain about Roganic before I went. In fact I swapped out a return visit to the Ledbury for it.

Roganic, London

And hot damn I was right. When we arrived we were immediately reassured; fun waiters who knew the menu and could discuss both food and alcohol with wisdom? Check. Intense obsession as to provenance of food and an emphasis on home grown? Check. We were so convinced we even took the ultimate risk and ordered one vegetarian tasting menu and one normal (or meat) tasting menu. Was it a mistake? No. And considering that the 10 course tasting menu is only GBP 80.00 it is ridiculous value for cooking that is beyond world class.

Roganic, London

Now we didn’t take notes which renders a clever discussion of the meal fairly impossible as this is precise, minute, ingredient led stuff. Most importantly it is executed in a way which gives complete confident and taste rather than disappearing into abstraction and slightly missing the point like Viajante and Nuno Mendes. So if you are in London you should just go. If you want good pictures don’t go in the evening as it is dark and you will just come out with stuff like the below. But who cares, the food’s great.

Roganic, London

In the future any opportunities to eat the food of Simon Rogan, Ben Spalding or eating at L’Enclume will involve me eating me own tongue to scream “yes” fast enough. Here ends this half hearted post and I may not check flights back to London for Christmas…

Roganic, London
Roganic, London

  • Price – GBP 350 with a lot of alchol
  • Address – 19 Blandford Street London, W1U 3DH (+44 207 486 0380)


  1. I went to Roganic way when it first opened and although I enjoyed it, I wasn’t OHMYGODTHATWASAMAZING. I am returning soon though as by the looks of things it might well be now.

    • It is interesting as a lot of people said it went downhill post Ben Spalding. We obviously went after he left and it was really damn good. Really damn good. I’ll look out for a review on your blog as I would be surprised if you don’t like it when you revisit.

      Still – I get scared that my taste buds ‘lose’ it on a Western sense after being out in Asia for a while and vice versa. Quite frankly anything with fresh, truly organic, vegetables in a meal where cheese features blows me away…

  2. Looks wonderful , ive eaten here a couple of times….its great and a stepping stone to even better delights at Cartmel.
    “The French” – Simon Rogan at the Midland Hotel Manchester opens next week.

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