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SemiPermanent Seoul (or the reason for the silence)

So it has been a bit quiet on the blogging front and that is because I have lost my partner in crime to a media overload. Whilst I have been carrying on with the normal corporate work Jen has been working on a new series for Arirang TV. The idea behind it is to glimpse Seoul through the eyes of expats and their interests. It is called SemiPermanent.

This means that she gets up at 5:00am and finishes at midnight and has no time to accompany me on adventures to strange Korean restaurants and risk a bit of alcohol or food poisoning. However, on the positive side the show has meant we have got to meet a lot of interesting people, discover new areas of Seoul and hopefully the show will reflect some of things we have discovered and love about Seoul. If there is time it bodes well for future esoteric blog posts.

Atmos (2 of 2)

If you live in Korea and want to watch it is easy: Arirang premiers it at 8:30pm this Friday night (if you are not indulging in Chi-Maek). It is then repeated multiple times daily… and the schedule is here. If you are abroad you can watch in on Arirang World which might be bundled on some strange cable packages (schedule here).

UPDATE: it is all a bit easier as now it is up on Vimeo and is embedded below.

Episode 1: “The Expat Life” from Semipermanent on Vimeo.

The first show, in fact all of them, is hosted by Eric and Tiffany from Magpie Brewing and Decade Clothing. However, it also features Hassan from Magpie and Tori; the world’s first Welsh-a-pino. I think you’ll like it.

On the blogging front it will still be somewhat impeded as Jen is going to be shooting and editing and having stress breakdowns for a few more months and I have an important role of washing up plates and ensuring a steady supply of CoffeeLibre coffee. That said I will hopefully be restarting with a project to eat through Korea’s oldest restaurants next week.


  1. Hello!
    I just discovered the Semipermanent documentaries and i really like how they are made!
    Congratulations for Jen’s work! (and all the team!)

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