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JenCooks at Scout

It has been so long since we posted that I actually forgot the login details. The reasons are the same: too busy and too lazy. However, I think with the coming of Seoul summer the inspiration is back.

The other reason is that the love of food which went into hibernation over Korean Winter has found a new home. The Magpie couple – Erik and Tiffany – who Jen worked with on Semi-Permanent recently opened a new bar/ restaurant/ cafe and they offered Jen and I the chance to do a brunch spot there on a semi-regular basis.

Basically they handle the cocktails and we handle the food.

Also when I say Jen and I, I mean Jen and I got given pink plastic gloves and told to wash.

The first one was last weekend, the second Sunday of the month, and was kept secret until the day out of a fear it would be a debacle given the difficulty of finding everything we wanted to cook and also wanting to make sure it was good – actually good – before people came to it.

The menu was a mixture of food from all the countries which we love and you can’t get in Seoul for love or imported spices, so Mexican-American-Hong Kong-European fusion:

  • Mexican stewed tomatoes with poached eggs on garlic toast
  • Spam hash with soft poached eggs and hollandaise
  • Scallion corncakes with Linus’ ‘Bama pulled pork and soft poached eggs
  • Coconut pancakes with soft poached eggs and a Srirachi butter sauce
  • Coconut pancakes with brûléed cherries and Chinese five spice mascarpone cream

It seemed popular as I washed things for at least six hours. The next one should be the second Sunday of July. Again at Scout.

Address – Scout, Hannam 2-dong, 683-31 (한남2동 683-31호)

PS the pictures are fairly terrible as I was just trying to grab them as the food passed by dish washing station. Next time I should be a customer…

PPS the other two cooking heroes should be mentioned: Linus and Tori. As they can actually cook and were allowed in the kitchen.


  1. I think pictures are pretty neat and nice considering you were cooking (or obstructing Jen while she was cooking/plating the plates) and washing the dishes at the same time ;)

    Also or more importantly, everything look delish. I´m intrigued by the scallion corncakes with pork and the Coc pancakes.

  2. I’m obsessed with your blog! I’m a new reader…but absolutely love it!! Please write more!! New reader…but definitely a new fan now!

  3. I hope you post regularly because I just found your blog and I love it! The food looks amazing. I’ve never had savory pancakes before but they look so good.

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