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Restaurant (Review): Elliot’s (futurely) of Borough Market pop up at Pavillion Cafe

I went to Elliot’s with no intention to blog and just to have a good dinner with an old friend.  Then I arrived and realised that London is far too small and I couldn’t blog as I couldn’t trust my own partiality.

I realised that I had met the chef (Isaac McHale) before at Penny University.  I also recognised an old school friend who turned out to be the architect who revamped the Pavilion Cafe itself and is now working with Elliot’s to launch their upcoming restaurant in Borough market and is probably the only guy who has actually been successful from my year at school (Asif from Asif Khan architects).

However, the food was too pretty not to be photographed so here are my snaps from the evening.  The first picture is just from Victoria Park pond btw, nothing to do with the eating!

Price – £50 including matching wines from the Wine Apostle


  1. Gourmet Chick

    Those pictures are just brilliant – sans words it really makes me want to to – but I am curious that you did not write a review with just a disclaimer about your connections – was the food perhaps really bad or the experience? It doesn't look it. But I guess we will never know…

  2. Dave

    The photo's do look good, but why no review ?

  3. Tom

    Gourmet Chick – the reason there are no words is simply because I went there on a blogging "day off" to have a dinner with an old friend. I also couldn't be properly partial because I know a couple of the people involved.

    Dave – as above but in response to both of you one of the few places I will be visiting definitely when I return every now and then from HK is Elliots on the evidence of Friday…

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