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Restaurant Review: Ozlem off Kingsland Road (and groups of bloggers)

Jen and I haven’t been to too many restaurants with other bloggers as we have the good fortune to be going out with fellow food obsessives.  There is therefore no need for an excuse to travel halfway across London in search of something fried or seared and we are all the happier if it is in some ridiculous location.

I can only presume that one of the major reasons food bloggers eat together is that our passion for food is slightly perverse and sometimes your friends or partners just  can’t be enticed to that out of the way place in Dalston for 5% better lahmacun.  I wrote this post whilst Jen and I were in Andalucia in Spain and days were planned around its regional delicacies or where the next seafood hit came from.  Art, culture, history; they were all adjuncts to the food.

Still there is something to be said from meeting with en masse with other foodies as you get to borrow from their knowledge and experiences.  This meal I learnt about all the great meals I had missed when I visited Istanbul (I didn’t have too many good meals) previously from Mathilde who has lived there.  And Grubworm and Leluu and Fernandez gave me, as ever, a further education on food and cooking.

Still the descent of a group of food bloggers must, occasionally, feel like some form of blogger blitzkrieg to a restaurant.  I was tweeting with Niamh from Eat Like A Girl after (her blog is here) about collective nouns for bloggers and she offered “a murder of bloggers”.  This reflects the way in which a group of food bloggers almost because of their excitement and expectations can be a restaurant’s worst nightmare if those hopes are dashed (or, if they get it right a PR gift).

Unfortunately our meal at Ozlem was in the first category.  We had gone based on a review by another London food blogger who, where I have had matching meals, has opinions which are pretty much one for one with mine (Will Eat for Money here).  However, our meal didn’t reach the levels he described and was good lahmacun, average starters and disappointing mains (read Grubworm’s post for the gory details here).

Unfortunately it is all still Green Lanes and Antpeliler for me.

Price – 20 odd a head

PS my collective noun for a group of bloggers is a “snap”.  Any other offers?
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  1. London Chow

    Snap sounds apt… I can totally imagine a group of food bloggers bringing out their cameras a-snapping at the same time. lol.

    Still can't think of a fancy collective noun… will be right back once my creative juices starts flowing…

  2. Tom

    I read a good one somewhere else – an inbox of bloggers. Quite apt I think.

  3. tabitha

    How about a group of bloggers are a 'click' like a 'clique' of high school girls

    'a click of bloggers'

  4. Tom

    That is pretty damn good. A pun and an onomatopoeia together!

  5. Ibzo

    Just seen this Tom. Really disappointed for you lot that you had a bad meal there. I've been there upwards of 50 times and I've had some pretty crappy food served, but when they get it right, it's better than the others I've tried in London (all but one or two in Dalston and most of the ones on Green Lanes).

    I can't remember who said it, but on Turkish food in London: it's far too inconsistent, which makes the myriad restaurants a plus point. Antepliler is probably, I'll concede, the most consistent out of the lot.

  6. Tom

    Ibzo – no worries. I think one thing is that no blogger can be an advocate or a guarantee of a good meal at a restaurant. For example I love places like Hawksmoor and because of the fact I worked there went there once a week for a few years. However, I definitely had bad meals now and then. And sometimes terrible meals. The average or median was fantastic but there were those occasions.

    I agree with your point re inconsistency. I think it is relevant to a lot of the ethnic restaurants in London. Especially Vietnamese etc..

    Right now in HK, i could kill for any kind of Turkish : )

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