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Cafe Review: Brunswick House Cafe in Vauxhall

I’ve been boring recently.  Very boring.  Rushing off to Bar Boulud, Chili Cool, Koya, and everywhere else everyone else is going.  Now I don’t regret that (the meals at Chilli Cool and Koya at least) but, well, it isn’t exactly novel.

Fortuitously I was driven back to my parent’s house in Vauxhall due to impecuniosity prior to moving to Hong Kong and found that Vauxhall has changed a bit since I last lived there.  I have done a post on Bonnington Square previously (here) which is one of the few outposts of civilisation in Vauxhall.  There is now a new one, Brunswick House Cafe.

Brunswick House Cafe squats in the entrance of the Lassco architectural salvage shop in the Grade II listed Brunswick House in Vauxhall.  When Jen and I first entered we realised that the non stop property shows on British television must have affected us as we kept muttering “what a great space“.  And it is; because it nestles amongst all the odds and ends that society once gave away or left to rot and now we want to buy to fill up our homes and gardens.  You can acquire everything from doors, to fireplaces to antique yacht fittings.  It changes with what is sold and provides a fascinating backdrop to have coffee to.

When we went it was still early after their opening but you could see the ambition.  They will (and I think by now do) have a daily rotating menu, there is the hope that an alcohol license might be acquired and what they do they do well.  We merely had a couple of coffees (Monmouth blend) and some Portuguese breakfast cakes.  All immaculate.  I wish I had had time to come back and try their brunch, lunch or supper as they were preparing it as we sat there.  All homemade, all simple and solid.

One of the first places I revisit when I come back to London will be the Brunswick House Cafe but I speculate I might have to queue next time.

Price – £5-15

PS – since I’ve been they have settled their menu which is here which also helpfully gives you their times. 8 to 10:00am for breakfast, 12 to 2:30pm for lunch and tea 2:30 to 5:00pm with brunch on Saturday and Sunday.
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  1. The Grubworm

    That was worth the read just to see someone (you) use the word "impecuniosity", which is a very cool word (if not state of being).

    Vauxhall is somewhere I worked for a couple of months and never found anywhere good to eat. It sounds like that is largely down to now looking hard enough maybe. This place sounds like a gem.

  2. Tom

    It is a word I use far too much due to love of restaurants. Still it is worth it when you come across something small and independent like this.

    I am not sure you weren't looking enough. Most of these places didn't used to be there when I lived there. Pretty much only Bonnington Cafe. Then the knitting shop got turned into Italo and then this. Coupled with the Portuguese community down in Vauxhall and the newish arrival of the Canton Arms I hope the area keeps getting better.

    Place I still really want to go is the RVT or Royal Vauxhall Tavern for a cabaret night

  3. I absolutely love this place – it is am amazing gem. The food and coffee is delicious and, as you say, it is such a GREAT space! A friend of mine held her engagement reception there one evening – it was pretty magical in the dark with light from all the old lamps and chandeliers.

    • That is a great place to hold a party like that! I am hopefully going to get to pop back there sometime soon when back in London 🙂

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