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Restaurant Review: Kennedy’s of Goswell Road (fish n chips)

What is your favourite type of meal? What do you truly love? For me, it is good grot. I have a soft spot for formica clad cafs and traditional rough edged food served in rooms full of cab drivers.

And mentioning cab drivers logically brings you to fish and chips. For fish and chips in London you’ve got a whole array of choices and cab driver recommendations. The Fryer’s Delight in Holborn, Masters Super Fish in Waterloo, places down in Beckenham. But the most practical and probably my favourite is Kennedy’s on Goswell Road.

You know you are in the right place when a couple of hundred metres up Goswell Road you have passed the trendy hair shops and coffee places and hit Goswell Paints (nearly as good as Clerkenwell Screws) and come to a fiesta of taxis. Kennedy’s does take away and also eat in. We opted for eat in.

And what a great choice. Fresh, steaming unoily cod. Chunky and teasing apart. Solid angry chips. Dark green and luxuriant mushy peas. Quite frankly wonderful. Oh and £15 a head.

PS for a bit of context here is a review by Dos Hermanos. But, with respect etc., they are wrong. And they went for lunch.


  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    This looks like a super chippy, I'm off to google where goswell road is.

    I used to work round the corner from The Fryer's Delight, what an institution it is but it doesn't have the fabulous frontage of this place.

  2. The Grubworm

    Oh that fish looks good. And it;s just round the corner from where I work. Is it as good as The Gunmakers' version?

    My problem with fish and chips is that I love it for the first few bites, but am inevitably beaten by the chips – they're always too oily. That said, if these are as good as you say it is then that might not be the case here.

    Do they do battered sausages?

  3. Tom

    Sarah – think Old Street/ Barbican/ Moorgate. Right in the centre and just a bit South of Angel. Basically really central.

    I love the fryers delight – especially the beef fat chips but the fish is… well average. Here it was pretty special.

    Grubworm – the picture was less good than the fish actually. Really was awesome. 3 of us munched every bit of our portions.

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