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Zuma brunch in the Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

I have to admit something, I am an expat. I’m not a typical live in Mid Levels only eat Italian and French kind of expat but I am still an expat. I don’t speak Cantonese or Chinese (and I regret that) and I grew up far far away.

And what this means is that I have to go to Sunday brunch and get drunk as that is a cardinal expat rule. And so it was – Zuma on Sunday for an 11am brunch. The thing was, it was really quite good.
I am generally not a fan of all you can eat as it basically means the food = slop. Well Zuma are obviously a touch wary of going down that route as they have an international brand of exclusivity to maintain which meant is was far better than it should of been. There was variety and even quality.
However, the most important thing about Zuma for brunch is not the food. The food is the stuffing (literally). What it is really about is the 10hkd or £9 for unlimited champagne (Perrier Jouet). This unlimited champagne eventually resulted in us playing paper, scissors, stone with the waiters to get bottles rather than just glasses.
The real question is would I pay the serious money and go for a dinner there on my own dime. The simple answer is no. It’s Zuma, you can get it anywhere. In order to pay their rent in the Landmark they have built a restaurant of such vastness that it feels like you are in a cruise ship dining room. The sashimi, sushi, sides etc are of good quality but then pretty much all the Japanese food in Hong Kong is. And… I’ve made two little Japanese discoveries which I will blog about soon which I would pick everytime instead.
  • Price – 600hkd for an unlimited champagne and food brunch.  But it does result in a hellish Monday
  • 5/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

POSTSCRIPT – I went for lunch the other day. It was heinous and expensive. I will never go to Zuma again.


  1. Greedy Diva

    That dessert plate looks hilarious – as it should after unlimited champers.

  2. Dave


    Maybe the chef was in a very good mood when he did the postre… Looks like a fab meal though…

    Never ate at the Landmark, but did get drunk once or twice in the bar …

  3. Tom

    Greedy Diva/ Dave – I have to say a few bottles of champagne down the last thing I was expecting was a camp fiesta of a desert. It was some strange hodgepodge of loads of different things. Some of them good – some not so much. Still helped the start of the sobering process

  4. Mochachocolata Rita

    I am dying at the sight of sushi/sashimi…ok…7 months more to go! 😀

  5. Razlan

    That's HK$600 per person? Would be worth going for a special someone's birthday 🙂

  6. Tom

    Mocha – so when you are pregnant you are allowed to eat crazy spicy hotpot but NOT sashimi. That is ridiculous! Some sake and sashimi would be amazing in this heat heh? *tempt*

    Razlan – yup 600hkd per person. Not bad at all. I wouldn't do it for a birthday as is a touch raucus. A place called Gutlee in Kennedy Town is better, more unique and around the same place (minus the champagne)

  7. Mr Noodles

    If memory serves, I think there's a branch of Roka in HK too.

  8. Tom

    Ahah you are right. A quick google confirms there is one in Pacific Place. I actually really like Roka and the bar underneath but could rarely afford it in London. I feel that may be much the same in HK : )

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