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Lei Gardens IFC in Central, Hong Kong (1*)

After my trip to Tim Ho Wan I was filled with dim sum confidence. I believed that there could be no wrong. So off we went to Lei Gardens in the IFC which is a much praised group with branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and China.

To cut to the chase it was unremarkable. Apart from some exceptional light char siu bao or Cantonese barbecue pork buns the flavours and tastes have drifted away into the abyss of forgetable meals.

I was a bit disappointed by this as Lei Gardens got it right aesthetically; from the modern dark wood and frosted glass to the presentation of the food, it is a cut above many places in Hong Kong. That said, peach tableclothes – why?

I still kind of feel we might have had an off day or gone to a bad branch as having read a lot of blog posts on Lei Gardens it is apparent others have had different, better experiences.  That said our indifferent meal here accords with the fact that it lost its one Michelin star in the 2010 Guide.
Still, I hold out some hope for it and whilst I will not be going back here for dim sum I might, one day, be tempted back for the full menu.
  • Price – 300hkd a head (or £27)
  • Shop No. 3007-3011, 3/F., International Finance Centre, Central, Hong Kong


  1. Mr Noodles

    That's a shame about your dim sum here, as you'd have thought that it'd be top notch here. That said I think the quality varies at the various branches of Lei Garden, as I found their Singapore outpost to be excellent.

    PS: Being in Beijing for the last week on work meant that I couldn't access my blog or read any 'blogspot' blogs so I'm catching up on my blog reading.

  2. Tom

    Yup – had some comments on twitter from other HK bloggers and it appears that the IFC branch is the worst of the lot (strangely as it was the only one with a Michelin I think).

    Apparently the Wan Chai one is pretty good.

    Beijing for a week – I am excited to see some reviews of that place. I still have that place you went and loved on my todo list (can't remember the name but have it bookmarked).

  3. Peech

    Tom, here's my horror experience at Lei Garden IFC… Nothing wrong with the food, at least the food items that were available to us anyway…


    No more stars for this one.

  4. Tom

    Peech – interesting. The more I have heard the more Lei IFC sounds like a waste of a branch. Your experience is particularly terrible.

    I haven't really commented on service generally in HK yet as, well, I am still adjusting to it. In general I find it overwhelming bad, harried and rude. Still, I haven't had quite as much as a total fail as you at Lei IFC.

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