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A seared tuna salad that makes even the laziest person seem like a cook.

I am a terrible girlfriend. Tom has been asking me to make a salad since I arrived. I have been here almost two months now, and my first ever Hong Kong salad appeared last Thursday evening.

I admit my kitchen hasn’t seen much action lately, and for some reason, moving countries again has seriously disrupted my cooking mojo. If I don’t heat up a pan soon this blog may become TomEatsJenEatsAndLazesAbout.

So in an effort to get back on the horse, I’m posting my recipe for this seared tuna salad created on the fly while perusing the aisles of City Super at 8pm.  I hate sounding cliche, but it really is as simple as it looks below.

mango and black sesame seeds
Taiwanese mango sliced and mixed with black sesame seeds
pickled daikon with smoked paprika
Daikon radish sliced on the mandolin and splashed with vinegar then sprinkled with salt and smoked paprika.
asparagus and Japanese mayo
Thai asparagus steamed and tossed with Japanese mayo, salt and pepper.

Sushi grade tuna marinated for 15 minutes in equal amounts of soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar.

Sear the tuna on a smoking hot pan for a few seconds on all sides. Slice. Place some rocket in a bowl, add a little bit of marinade and toss. Add the asparagus and gently toss. Do the same for the mango. I say gently because otherwise your salad will look like a big mess. Plate the salad mixture and place the daikon randomly about. Top with tuna slices.


  1. gastronomous

    wow that looks amazing!!!! i will have to give it ago….

  2. Anonymous

    Looks great but where did you get smoked paprika in HK?!

  3. Mr Noodles

    I was wondering when you were gonna get off your arse! Good to see you back on the blog! Mango and black sesame is such a great combo.

  4. Jason

    Wow! I think I am going to give that a try soon!

  5. The Grubworm

    Damn, that had to be worth waiting a couple of months for, no?

    Loving the idea of smoked paprika and daikon, mix in the mango and you've got a well intriguing mix of flavours. I'll be sure to try that out in the next couple of weeks.

  6. Jen

    Thanks guys! Glad you all might give it a go.

    -Anon, I actually brought the smoked paprika with me from London along with a lot of Mexican spices. I'm going to be calling some friends for a few favours when those supplies run out.

  7. sarah

    You're right, Jen, this looks simple and delicious. My favourite type of meal! Salads are great in HK when it's just too hot to cook.

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