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Gutlee Sushi in Kennedy Town

As I am caught thinking about Japanese food I wanted to write about the best Japanese restaurant I have been to in a very long time. This includes London, Europe, the US and splodges of Asia.

However, before turning to the food I want to relate a little anecdote that is truly wonderful. I hadn’t been to Gutlee Sushi for about 2 months as I had moved out of my temporary flat way out in Kennedy Town and now live centrally. However, my old flat was right by Gutlee Sushi so I used to go a lot and always mentioned to the waitress that I wanted to take Jen there when she arrived in Hong Kong.

Then two months later we finally managed to make it out to Kennedy Town. The owner beamed with happiness and sat us down. She then gave me a biro. I looked bemused. She said (correctly) that I had left it there last time. Wow. Japanese service in Hong Kong.
As for the food, I got a bit nervous as I had raved about Gutlee to Jen and she is more judgmental than anyone else I know on Japanese food. I’ve always casually gone with omakase (or chefs choice) when I had previously visited as the menu is in Chinese and I like surprises. So we did the same again. As it is all very fresh, the food takes a while to come to your table so I started sipping tea nervously. Then it started flowing out.

Straight away, as soon as Jen tried the very first nibble of sashimi, I knew I had won from her face. Its texture, its freshness, its just… luxuriant impeccability. You knew you were in a special restaurant as it rolled around your mouth. Jen started muttering about this being better than her favourite place in San Francisco. Because it is.

This time, there being two of us, the chef really got to hit his stride. The one problem is that the pictures can’t reflect the glory of the fish, the bounce and the softness of the sashimi rice or the pacing, presentation and happiness it gave us. Also, the plates they used slightly hid the pictures of the sashimi from us as they were a touch too much. But don’t worry, I’ll go back, there will be a pictorial.
  • Price – 300 to 600hkd a head (£25 to 50)
  • G/F, No.24 Wing Shing Building, Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong (2818 1923)

(EDIT – I’ve had a couple of people mention that they’ve had not great meals at Gutlee recently which leads me to think they may have changed chef? I hope not)



  1. jisampedro

    My mouth is already watering seeing the pictures. I think I need to get some sushi for lunch or maybe dinner, is my weakness 🙂

  2. Greedy Diva

    The only thing harder than such beautiful sashimi in London would be finding a waitress that returned your pen! Just brilliant.

  3. Gourmet Butcher

    It looks fab! Glad it won Jen over, I want to go there….right now!!!

  4. Mr Noodles

    I love Japanese food in HK and this post just confirms how bloody good it is! BTW, I've heard many of the top sushi joints in HK place their orders in the Tokyo fish markets and get the fish flown in.

  5. Tom

    Javier – I can't recommend it enough! Though I do love how good all japanese is.

    Greedy Diva – that place everyone has been raving out for a while whose name escapes me (Londoneater has done a recent post on) looks pretty good…

    Gourmet Butcher – yup, I wish it was a touch cheaper so we could go every night 🙂

    Noodles – they do actually fly their stuff in. Other places have said they do but they haven't reached this level of quality. Interestingly Tokyo is still 4 hours away. I don't know whether I am just stupid but I always thought it was closer!

  6. Cynthia

    The food looks so incredibly good. I've barely explored Japanese food in Hong Kong yet myself.

    Thanks for the comment at my blog and best of luck with your exam! The LSAT is not even close to something like a bar exam, and it's already quite stressful.

  7. Tom

    Cynthia – the Japanese food here is all pretty awesome,. I have heard a lot of people mention Ken-yo (I think that it is how it is spelt) which is where i will be next.

  8. ЎHola!
    Ya he visto algunos hay …
    Have a nice day


  9. Great post! Maybe you could do a follow up on this topic!?!

  10. HK Foodies

    We visited Gutlee on your recommendation and absolutely loved it. Completely agree it surpasses other Japanese restaurants in HK in terms of freshness and textures. Also tried their homemade ice creams, highly recommend the sweet potato and pumpkin flavours.

    • Really glad you enjoyed it, I think Gutlee is rather special, especially given its out of the way location and friendliness and effort they put in. Recently had a couple of very very good meals at sushi sase which, as long as you stick to the sushi, is remarkably good.

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