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Restaurant Review: Rambling Restaurant in Camden

It has taken me quite a while to bring myself to write a review of the Rambling Restaurant in Camden as it didn’t motivate me either way. It is standard underground restaurant fare, pay money, receive invite (this one enjoyably a bit more cryptic than most) and turn up at a random’s front door. As always with underground restaurants a lot (often everything) depends on who you are sitting next to and how much you drink. Fortunately Mat and I got lucky; a fun French and Spanish couple and a lot of wine respectively.

The deal at Rambling Restaurant was 3 courses for about £20- 25 (I can’t be completely sure as I have somehow managed to lose my online receipt for the meal). The starter was three dips and as much pitta as you could eat. The hummus was much better than most I had tried and the beetroot dip was excellent. However, one can only get so excited over dips and pitta and Rambling Restaurant were already one course down.

The main course was the least engaging of the three dishes they served, a chicken and pomegranate Moroccan-esque dish. It was tasty but somewhat insubstantial. At the end of the first two courses both Mat and I were (drunk and) slightly underwhelmed by the whole experience.

Then came the pudding. Quite frankly it was brilliant. A polenta based cake (presumably Italian inspired). I could have eaten it three courses over. This is what I came for, just a shame it didn’t extend across the whole meal.

If the Rambling Restaurant was right next door to me and I could wander up there for supper every now and then it would just about work for me. However, as a destination it is just a bit flat. The three courses were good and in comparison to the Savoy Truffle Club (which I would consider their nearest equivalent) more interesting and quite frankly, better. However, there was nothing to drive you back there. Nothing to make you go “wow, this is what I have been missing going to normal restaurants“. If this is what underground restaurant dinning is, a hit and miss ok affair where the main advantage is BYO, it doesn’t seem like it is a trend which will sustain itself in the long run.

Good value but I felt myself wanting more.

  • Price – £20 -25 ish for three courses
  • Adddress – somewhere secret in Camden

PS the picture is of a ramble (or walk for Americans) we did along the coast as it looks prettier than pictures of the food


  1. The London Foodie

    Hmmm, interesting and funny write up as always. I've meant to go there for a while now but never got round to properly booking it. Also good point about BYO and long term"ness" of the whole concept. Time will tell i guess.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. Hey Tom,

    I’ve only just found your review! I wish you had sent it to me at the time. I appreciate your honesty and glad you enjoyed the pudding. Feedback like this is really useful as we can then work on certain dishes and the whole experience to make it better.

    As with most restaurants, we are only as good as our last meal, so I would urge you to come back and give us another go!

    And we’re still waiting to welcome you Luiz – one day one day…

    Rambling wishes,

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