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New Blog and Thanks to All

When Jen came home one day and I said I had started a blog on Blogger called “Tom Eats Jen Cooks” I didn’t think it would turn into this.

All I really wanted to do was to get back the love of writing which I had lost by pouring out corporate bleurgh all day and to get Jen to record her recipes so I could steal them.

What it has become is something scary where I lust after new wide aperature camera lenses, attempt to rationalise buying a Leica for atmosphere shots and have to schedule extra exercise sessions to try and shift those extra dishes I “have to try” (for the blog). It has also meant I am now second in line on any meal Jen cooks behind the tripod and “plating”.

However, with the new moon of the Mid Autumn festival here in Hong Kong I thought it was time to make the blog look pretty and reflect our (expensive) obsession of photography. And to also say thanks to all those who have helped as I have kept blogging (rather surprisingly) not because of the food but because of the people.

So a quick thanks to:

Leluu & Fernandez to introducing me to supper clubs and stealing Jen away from me on Sunday mornings to cook at Columbia Road market.

1MillionGoldStars and Simon for sharing a love of backstreet eating holes.

London Foodie and Eat Like a Girl for sharing too many drinks with.

Grubworm for showing me new places to drink ale and making me Japan jealous.

Young and Foodish for going on a brewed coffee date with me.

LondonEater for answering my stupid questions about camera.

The Hackney Pearl for stealing Jen away again to make her do pizza nights and force me to actually pay for her food.

Mr Noodles for actually knowing something about Chinese food and giving me a primer before I came to Hong Kong.

Hollowlegs for having given me the easy in to Hong Kong by having done it all a month before.

And a hello and thanks to being so nice to everyone from the Hong Kong blogging community – Jason, Mochachocalata, Supercharz (well temporarily), Razlan, Gastronomous Anonymous, E-ting, Dim Sum Diva, @littlefatchick, Geoffrey Wu and those I haven’t yet met personally.

So that’s that. This is all a work in progress so some pages as transferred look a bit rough and ready. Back to the eating and I think a Hong Kong tweet-up is in order.


PS a massive no thanks to the Bank of China for turning off their lights after we had slepped to the dark side (Kowloon).  So here is a recreation of its lighting scheme /<><>


  1. i LOVE the new look of the blog! LOVE!
    cant wait to see you both again in Jan!!!!

    • Glad you like it. It has pretty much become the third person in our relationship over the past week! I am never moving blogs again L)

  2. I love the new look! I’m also tempted to switch from the darkside that is Blogger. And thx for the mention!

    • All I can say is the sooner you do it the easier your life will be. I regret every internal link I did and every picture I didn’t size properly before uploading. It’s done now though *phew* and this is it, forever.

  3. congrats again! now u have new lenses and stuff you need to eat out MORE to justify your purchase(s)!! love the photos and writing!

  4. G

    blog looks great! completely understand your pain..I moved blogs about a month ago and wanted to shoot myself..

  5. Thanks for the thanks! It’s been a long and continuing pleasure sharing beer, wine and food (not to mention a long, bleary trip through labyrinthine Barbican corridors) with you both!

    The new blog looks great – welcome to the wonderful world of wordpress, i hope it was worth the effort of moving. I’m very glad you took the plunge.

  6. FANTASTIC new lay out! 🙂 I love the clean and slick look! Really sad I never met you guys in London.. but hey one day in HK maybe or p’raps Sydney? Am heading back next year and you guys can come visit 🙂

    • You are returning to Sydney. They must have a lot of matcha there : ). And you shouldn’t offer, I am super excited to go to Sydney and you might just find Jen and me on your doorstep one day.

  7. Looking really good guys! I know only too well the pain you’ve gone through for the platform switch, but it’s definitely worth it.

  8. It looks great! All I can say is I feel your pain, having tried to migrate other blogs, plus I’m lucky to have very good at-home tech advice. Who literally wouldn’t let me use any other platform when I set up the food blog.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your local foodie adventures. And considering plotting a trip to see you…

    • You definitely should. The good thing about HK (and China from my limited experiences there) are that foodie trips are far less expensive (as regards food) than pretty much anywhere else in the world. Lung King Heen gives you three star Michelin goodness for under £40 for dim sum. Ridiculous.

  9. Wow! It looks great 🙂

    Looking forward to catching up.

  10. Tom & Jen ,

    Congrats and loving the new photo driven layout, striking stuff… only a matter of time before you switch to a Leica X1 perhaps?!?

    On another note, you might want to hold out till March 2011 , and save up for this:


    Early impressions of the Fuji x100 are that it is a Leica killer..!

    Anyway, I always enjoy reading your experiences, and perhaps with more interest, now that you’re in HK, which is known for its rather food culture.

    Keep up the great work, and maybe someday we’ll cross paths again… over dinner.


    • I am actually dorky enough now to subscribe to 43rumors on twitter and have been avidly following the news. I think the X100 is the one for me. Though the price point is looking as though it is going to be heavy, very heavy. Thanks again for all your assists on the camera front!

  11. …rather diverse… I mean..!

  12. New blog looks great! Love the photo diary at the top


  13. Gorgeous new blog, love it!

  14. joanna


  15. Hey Tom, I was like ‘woah!’ when I came by the site and spent quite sometime clicking on every single page. You must have gotten quite a number of pageviews these days, eh? 🙂

    All the best and looking forward to many more eating places that we have missed the previous time we were in HK. Cheers!

    • Glad you like it! I think the problem with HK is that it changes so fast. If I went away for one year it would be all different by the time I returned. It is what makes the food so exciting though!

  16. This new layout is amazing, I mean your old blog was great, but this just looks truly professional. Enjoy Hong kong!

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    I come from china, I was fortunate to come cross your topic in google
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  18. I don’t know how you did it, but it looks amazing! Love the new blog guys.

  19. Congratulations, kids! I’m so proud of you two, and love to think of you having so, so much fun.

    • Tess, we need to book your flight to Hong Kong soon! We also still have SF on our list of travel to-do’s. It is a crime that Tom has never been. I also need to meet Leah so she can show me how to make one of those fabulous layer cakes.

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