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Kwan Kee Claypot Rice in Western District, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a few old institutions which have been churning out best in class for a long time. One of these is Kwan Kee located in the no-mans land between Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town and by god can it do a claypot.

Claypot is a simple dish. Take claypot, fill with rice, add topping which will drip fat or juice down into it as flavour, put on charcoal, end. When done well you have this perfect combination of rice and above a crispy skin commingled with juices and flavours.

And Kwan Kee does it perfectly. You’ll know when you reach it as there are tables strewn over the street and a queue of people often lining up. And then you see the charcoal stoves right by the entrance with blackened claypots lined up on them and you smile.

We ordered simply – two claypots, one with Chinese preserved sausage and liver and one with Chinese preserved sausage alone. Suffice to say when visitors come to Hong Kong this is now one of the places we will take them.

Interestingly we also grabbed a starter of deep fried squid that was pitch perfect and would tempt me to experiment a bit more with the menu next time.

The place itself is “local” and by that I mean formica tables, bones and food debris liberally strewn over the tables, the odd drunk here and a family grouping there. Waitresses harang you in and out with utmost efficiency. Sometimes I feel our inability to speak Cantonese might be a bit of an advantage and we just went with the flow.

  • Price – 100hkd a head or thereabout. Fantastic
  • Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Western District


  1. Why didn’t you guys live in HK in April when I was there. BOO. but YUM!

  2. WOW – this looks like the ultimate in comfort and flavour. Delicious.

    • I was thinking it would be pretty damn nice with chorizo as well. Maybe I am learning from you and Jen! (I am probably wrong and there would be too much fat)

  3. Must get hands on hotpot. Must get self to HK!

  4. I have a confession to make and that’s I don’t like the Chinese preserved sausage (lap cheong). That said the claypot rice looks amazing.

    • The liver one was also good. A lot of locals were also doing the preserved fish style (though whilst I can now do crab I am still struggling with the insert whole fish in mouth and remove only bones skills – more practice needed).

  5. Will have to go there when i am in HK in jan! it looks AMAZING!!!!

  6. Never been a fan of Clay Pot Rice, but then again none of them looked as good as those.

    • I think as with anything – add charcoal and it tastes better. I am looking forward to the next generation of grills which allows you to charcoal grill in your house.

  7. May

    Why didn’t find any of these places when Ilived in HK? You guys are doing a great job unearthing the great local eats. I used to go to the Happy Valley wet market, upstairs for great soups and home cooked dishes. Cheap and cheerful.

    For those in London, you can get claypot rice at China City, the ex Poons which were famous for it.

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