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Cream Tea at Palm Court in the Langham Hotel (redux)

There is something about leaving a city which makes you approach it with a critical eye.  The same can be said with its cuisine.  So it is telling that the first meal I had when I got back to London was a cream tea at Palm Court.

Our sandwich selection

People have often asked what Jen and I miss in Hong Kong and the answer is pretty simple; cream.  Cream in all its luscious fattening varieties. And where better to get that weight bestowing manna from heaven than from a traditional English high tea.

The Valhronha chocolate cake

High tea also has that virtue that it is something which is completely and utterly English.  It rigidly starts with the sandwiches, moves to the cakes and then you get the cream and scones. You might be able to have it in various hotels around the world but we invented it and I still haven’t had better.  Palm Court (old review here) has always been our favourite in London so I couldn’t wait to revisit to catch up with an old friend whilst Jen was off at Thanksgiving in the US.

The full cake selection

It didn’t disappoint.  From charming, glimmering in the background, service to the brilliance of tens of little morsels that leave you ridiculously full at the end. The other truly great thing about a cream tea at somewhere like Palm Court is the pace.  I sat, I talked, I digested and went back for more.  Two or three hours passed and not once did I feel harried.

I have to admit it wasn’t quite as good as previous visits as a few of the sandwiches were a touch stale.  The cakes were, however, fantastic and the Valhronha chocolate cake sugared me with joy. The scones with clotted cream were also everything that I had dreamed off and missed. Still warm, slightly moist at the core and ready to be prised apart and slathered with clotted cream

I’m not sure I can fit another visit in whilst I am back in London this week but I am sure as hell tempted.

  • Price – £45 a head
  • 150 Piccadilly London W1J 9BR

PS is there anywhere which seriously competes with Palm Court.  Any new contenders for the cream tea crown?

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  1. that clotted cream is making my heart beat faster!

  2. Hello! Never been at the Palm Court, but everytime I wanted to go for a delicious afternoon tea I went to the Brown’s Hotel http://www.brownshotel.com/dining/the-english-tea-room
    I highly recommend it as all the food is just amazing and they keep it coming until you say stop!
    Ambience is a typical Enligh-velvet-renovated style and is very welcoming, especially when the pianist goes live.
    Just try it (but book well in advance!)

    • Hi Giulia – Brown’s is one of the high tea places I have never been to but am keen to try.

      I am sad to say I won’t be revisiting London for a couple of years most likely but I very much expect it to still be there when I return home. I also want to finally try the Ritz!

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