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Restaurant Review: Byron Hamburgers and the BIG D in Gloucester Road

I’ve been to Byron before.  Indeed you’ve probably been there before.  My earlier review is here but in summary my thoughts at the time were good burger, great sides.

Great sides

It is not, and will not ever be a great burger place as it doesn’t have the set up to be.  It is a franchise, it has multiple locations, it has multiple chefs.  That said, the quality is consistently high and it is streets ahead of the other burger chains in London.  If there was one located a bit further East than Wardour Street I would be a lunchtime regular.

Then they introduced the Big D.  This was their attempt to muscle in on Hawksmoor (reviews here and here) and try and wrestle away the title of “best burger in London“.
Well to cut through the 226g or 8oz Big D premium burger and get straight to the digestion stage of the review.  It isn’t as good as Hawksmoor’s burger.  Simple.  It is, however, very good and nearly £5.00 less.
Mine was meant to come medium (as that is how they do them).  It came nearly well done (see above).  Jen’s came medium rare (see below). Her normal Byron burger was actually better as the taste was left intact by its rareness. That said, the bigger patty works for me, the meat from Jack O’Shea is great, the bun is good and the experience is still young franchise (i.e. efficent, polite and clean).

I like Byron, I really do.  For a franchise is really top notch.  But the same positive things about a franchise which give it reliability, mutliple branches and good prices also mean it will never do the “best burger in London” and in catering to the masses they are prevented from treating premium beef with respect and serving it medium rare.

  • Price – £15 to £20 a head depending on sides.
  • 75 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4SS


  1. Su-Lin

    I too had my Big D at the Gloucester Road branch and mine too was near well done while the regular hamburger we bought to compare it with was nearly blue! Twas quite disappointing for that reason…

  2. Mr Noodles

    Is the bun the same in the Big D as the normal Byron burger ? Its just that I think their buns are their weak link.

  3. Lizzie

    I forgot to ask for mine medium rare and it came out medium, but was still tasty. I love their courgette fries!

  4. Tom

    Mr Noodles – don't tell me you are a sweet bun man?! But yes, same buns. Thinking of sweet bread and things, you are making me remember a brioche and gelato combo which I used to eat in southern italy. Despite the weather I am hungry for it now.

    Lizzie – I still haven't had their courgette fries. That is an excuse to go back right?

  5. Tom

    Su-Lin – I think if Byron opened up a special branch in East London which did medium rare as standard they would make a killing!

  6. Mr Noodles

    I am not a sweet bun man ! The thing about the Byron bun is that its a bit of a wuss, their lightweight floury bap can't hold the burger in properly. I'm not sure any of that makes sense but I hope you understand what I mean !

  7. Gastro1

    The meat comes from O'Sheas of Knightbridge http://www.osheasbutchers.com .

  8. Tom

    Mr Noodles – ah I see. I generally see the bun as a distraction and as long as it holds the meat in it is good enough for me. If lightly toasted that also helps give a bit of texture. I may have got lucky with my buns (sounds strange but…) as they did the job each time.

    Gastro – thanks for the tip, just had a nice diversionary read about the split between the O'Sheas of Knightsbridge and the one in Selfridges (which is where I thought they got their meat from). Will perhaps go for a cycle ride there this weekend and grab some steaks.

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