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Cafe Review: Kipferl in Smithfields

I love our recent Antipodean coffee invasion but sometimes you don’t want a flat white. Sometimes you want fastidious, anal and Habsburg.

The Viennese coffee culture has a long history and because of that it is a refined process. Things are done just so, each time. Kipferl is its best manifestation in London. When Kipferl first opened (I think in 2002ish) it was one of the few places standing against Starbucks and the other craptastic chain upstarts in offering proper coffee in London.

Obviously there is currently a (re)birth in good coffee in London (did it ever used to exist?). Evidence of this is found in Dose Espresso, a particularly good flat white coffee shop which opened last year right next to Kipferl (review to follow). Still sometimes you want to revert back to the classics.

We popped back there this Saturday. It was just as it always is, full of people taking their time over coffee, enjoying the paper and tucking into Austrian delicacies (which range from frankfurter soup to pastries). Being a wise person I ordered just right, a macchiato (ok should traditionally be an espresso) and a kipferl (an almond pastry). As you can see from the picture the ritual of an espresso gives you:
1. Macchiato
2. Water
3. Spoon
4. Milka Chocolate
5. And a kipferl biscuit if you are sensible.


We are going back next week for frankfurter soup.
Price – £2.10 for items 1 to 5 above

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  1. The Grubworm

    i went here for lunch for the very first time this week. The frankfurter soup was very good (even after a cold walk back to the office), the bread that came with it was even better – all rye-moistness. Inexplicably i didn't have a coffee, although i did have a kipferl (i mean, you can't not, can you?). I suspect it's even better to sit and read the papers at.

  2. Tom

    It is one of those places I had almost forgotten about whilst hunting down all these new coffee shops which is a shame as I love it as a little Austrian bastion against the rough and tumble of Smithfields.

    But you are right, you have to have a kipferl. Though without coffee… sacrilege.

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