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Nordic Bakery in Soho, London

Nordic Bakery is where I put on a lot of extra weight many years ago when I worked in St James’s. It was also one of the first places I revisited when I was in London last week for one key reason – the cinnamon buns.
Design and Food – Alvar Alto cutlery accompanying cinnamon buns
Go there when the cinnamon buns are fresh out of the oven (every hour or so), get a coffee and eat the two together. A bite of a cinnamon bun with hot sugar dripping down your lips and burning your mouth and then a sip of pitch perfect coffee amping you up.

  • Price – £5 and under
  • 14 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JG

PS did you know Sweden has a National Cinnamon Bun day on 4 October each year?

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  1. Yep love the nordic bakery – it is a little bit of calm and respite in Soho as well

  2. Oh yeah – love those cinammon buns straight out of the oven and the crazy open sandwiches and the Scandi chocolate….in fact I love it all at the Nordic Bakery! In fact now you’ve made me want to go there right now.

    • The place really really didn’t help my waistline when I used to work near it.

      That and Fernandez & Wells and their mozzarella sandwiches. You are making me hungry now!

  3. I LOVE the cinnamon buns at the Nordic Bakery! They made it to my “top 10 bites on the run post (or something like that)! As a challenge, try one with the super rich hot chocolate – that’s quite a meal.

    • I’ll go and check that out now to tempt myself.

      But you are definitely right about eating them on the run. As much as I love the run it is great walking around with the sugared cinnamon burning your fingers and dripping over the floor. Esp in this weather!

  4. We set the world straight in that place on many an occasion. Then I’d walk over to the Shaston’s and ask for a raise.

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