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The Ledbury in Notting Hill – best in London (2*)

The Meal

The best I have had in my 30 years of London.

The Service

Educational, humorous and a joy:
Me: “I’ll have something fruity
Waiter: “Well I think you are fruity enough” (it was funnier than it reads).

The Food

Canapé of creamy foie gras parfait pastry crustDeep-fried quail's egg, chestnut purée, and black truffle
Ceviche of scallops with seaweed and herb oil, kohlrabi, and frozen horseradish
Truffle and vegetable ravioli
Grilled mackerel with cucumber, Celtic mustard and shiso
Terrine of foie gras with cooked and raw apple in sake
Skate poached in brown butter with truffle pureé, cauliflower, parmesan gnocchi and sea vegetables
Shoulder of Pyrenean milk fed lamb with jerusalem and Chinese artichokes and winter savory
Passion fruit jelly with Sauternes mousse
Olive oil panna cotta with cider jelly, poached quince, quince ice cream and cinnamon beignets

The Company

JB, Richy, PT, New York panda.

The Future

I’ll revisit every time I come back to London. It made me sad at every penny spent in the likes of North Road or Barbecoa or even cream tea at Palm court (which I love) as they could have been saved and spent on two meals at The Ledbury instead.

  • Price – £85 for the tasting menu
  • 127 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2AQ

PS for more evocative reviews where you can savor the food through the written word have a look here: Nordic Nibbler, Greedy Diva, Catty, Simon Doggett, Gourmet Traveller and Hollowlegs.

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  1. Your London posts are totally killing me. I have to make this a must when I go to London next… whenever that will be… As much as I love HK, you just can’t get food like this here. Just can’t! *does crazy jumps and mumbles like a madwoman*

    • Haha – I would say I still think food in HK is better as overall the quality kills. That said at a high level London does really perform and, well, we have Yung Kee 🙂

      And Caprice for when we finally break and need something really awesome.

  2. Looks like a stunning meal, and as always such fantastic photos. Glad you enjoyed The Ledbury as much as I did, it really is a special place, and I think I too will be trying to visit each time I’m back in London. Thanks so much for the link too.

    • Of course – thanks for inspiring me to go with warm words about the place. Getting me to Notting Hill is quite an achievement.

  3. That looks like a Very Good Meal indeed. Between that and LP it sounds like you had, on balance, a good London eating experience.

    And I like the photo essay style – you clearly enjoyed it and thought it was worthwhile, so it was good then to see the dishes do the rest of the talking.

    • I have to admit I was busy doing some awful hours at work and Jen kindly offered to white balance the photos for me. She did a lot better job than I normally do so I thought they could stand on their own 🙂

      PS go, 1st year anniv?

  4. My favourite restaurant In London too! Thanks for the link, Tom, and so glad you share the love!

  5. Charmaine


    And Tom, re: the waiter’s comments – don’t tell me you were wearing that fluorescent pink shirt again?

  6. Kay

    I really like the waiter’s comments. Sadly for me, I think my first time at Ledbury was good but not fantastic! Maybe it was the wrong selection of dishes as what you had was different from what I ate. May have to trot over there again.

    • Kay – really sad the food didn’t match but hopefully the experience was partially as good. We all went for the tasting menu and I suppose you can find you just don’t favour some dishes or styles. One thing which we did is change and substitute dishes willy nilly to cater for a kosher and non fish eating guest. All I can say they dealt with myriad changes with style and perhaps next time you can steer them in the right direction!

  7. Can’t agree more with your assessment of this place, its definitely one of those places you want to visit and revisit again! 🙂 The unexpected bonus of visiting this Notting Hill restaurant is there’s no showing of the snobbish service found in most other high end places, or requiring the customer to come dressed in a tuxedo before you get any respect. The staff were warm and friendly, and not only that but I ended up receiving some sampling dishes just because I did ask the Manager about the flexibility of the Fixed Price 3 Courses Dinner. I ended up being so full I felt a lot of guilt. As a comparison, I walked out of one particular Michelin 3 Star Restaurant in Spain still starving and ended up heading straight to a tapas bar!

    • I was quite frankly blown away by the Ledbury. We went as an informal bunch of friends and the service matched our moods perfectly. Different tables with different types of guests received different and matched service. If the guests were a touch more formal, so was the service.

      It really does speak to the confidence and talent in the restaurant.

      One of our guests didn’t actually like fish and this didn’t perturb the waiters at all which is impressive given that at least 3 or 4 of the dishes on the tasting menu are fish. They simply went back to the kitchen, checked what else they could do and came and discussed (not told) us what the options were. Inspiring stuff.

  8. Haven’t got a chance to try out Ledbury yet. But love the look of the skate and I didn’t know that cauliflower can look so… interesting. 🙂

    • You have to – I would unreservedly say one of my best meals yet. I was enjoying it so much I nearly forgot pictures every dish!

  9. Yvonne

    I just left London 2.5 months ago to return to Singapore to pursue a different career. I’ve been to the ledbury thrice in 2 years and it just ain’t enough. That place is BRILLIANT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and ALWAYS come away more than happy. Try their rendition of that PIGEON the next time u go back. Everyone had ‘main dish ENVY’ at my table when the waiter brought out plate after plate of goodies that accompanied that dish; a smoke filled oak wood bell jar notwithstanding. I MISS THAT place. And am so glad u love it too.

    • Yvonne – having visited Sing for the first time last weekend I am still in awe of the cuisine over there. You could take one hawker’s and put that in any western city and that would be the 20 best restaurants in that city.

      Quite frankly, I am not even sure if HK compares to SIng. So there are great things about returning to SIng!

      But yes, no where in Asia has yet matched the Ledbury for a complete experience for me, yet.

  10. Yvonne

    COME TO SING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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