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Amber in Central – lollipops and fun French (2*)

I’ve become over wordy recently. It is because what I really enjoy is what underlies food; the culture, the history and the people (never mind the ingredients).

However, sometimes it is simplier than that (and especially when I am in Japan and can go to an onsen instead of blogging).

I went to Amber with an old (but young) French friend. We ate French food. It reminded us both of the old land (Europe) and the cheeses were fantastic. It convinced me enough that I’ll be back for the full degustation menu. The only sour note was some woody unpungent truffle. Here are the pictures.

Foie gras lollipops
Milk fed veal prepared as a hand cut tartar: served raw with autumn truffle aged parmesan lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Artichoke risotto
Pork belly rubbed with espelette chili, baby squid, paimpol coco beans and artichokes simmered with vintage sherry vinegar
Golden delicious apple baked as a tatin with caramel chiboust and granny smith sorbet
Les fromages
Petit fours
  • Price – 600- 800hkd a head for lunch
  • Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, The Landmark, Hong Kong


  1. Wow foie gras lollipops I love the look of them – and that amazing cheese board!

    • Well you can just pop to Neal’s Yard. Over here it is almost cheaper to go to a very very good restaurant (or that is the excuse I use 🙂

  2. WOW! Amazing. Don’t you just love Japan?

    • Well these ones were actually in Hong Kong (but I wrote the post whilst in Japan). Unfortunately I really don’t think I will ever be able to afford Michelin restaurants in Japan!

  3. I’m a little obsessed by any food on a stick. I’ve never seen foie gras! Brilliant. I posted a link to your site and this post on my other blog (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com) 🙂

    • Many thanks for the link – it is much appreciated. I would say foie gras on a stick (with a cherry glaze) is definitely something I could get into!

  4. C.wallis

    the production of Foie gras is extremely cruel. the ducks and geese are crammed into tiny cages so small they often develop skeletal deformities.
    Pipes are shoved down their throats several times a day to force approximately two kilograms of grain, maize and fat into their stomachs. In human terms, that is the equivalent of roughly 20 kilograms of pasta.
    The pipes sometimes puncture the birds’ throats, causing them unbearable pain and making it impossible to drink. Pumps used to force food into the birds’ stomachs can cause severe tissue damage and internal bleeding. This painful overfeeding process can even cause the birds’ internal organs to rupture. Those who survive the forced-feedings suffer intensely as their livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size.

    for a more cruelty free ‘pop’ stick to cake.

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