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Cafe Review: Fernandez & Wells Cafe on Beak Street in Soho

Fernandez & Wells is a Soho classic. This place used to be part of my perfect work day when I worked on that side of town. And I miss it: go to Triyoga Soho for a lunchtime class, then swing via here to get the perfect takeaway coffee and sandwich to munch in Golden Square with all of the medya types.

Despite the plethora of other coffee shops in Soho this remains one of my stalwarts. Whilst in winter I may favour the Nordic Bakery for their cinnamon buns when they are fresh out of the oven F&W lures you back with spot on coffee and snacks.

I have gone a couple of times whilst passing through Soho since the New Year and F&W has maintained its quality. Even on a Sunday late in the afternoon it is full up of people hiding away from the cold, sipping coffee and getting fat on sandwiches and cakes. My flat white (can’t remember the blend but probably Monmouth) was solid textured work and the sweets were exceptional. My only wish and prayer would be for F&W to open up a branch in the City so I could try and recreate the happiness of a Triyoga session and F&W lunch.

Now what I haven’t done is go to F&W’s food and wine bar on Lexington but given how good the cafe is, I will.
Price – £2 to 8 for coffees and snacks together


  1. Greedy Diva

    Oh you must go to the wine bar one night – it's terrific! Love the cafe too – still my local for weekend mornings.

  2. Tom

    I know. I am just too lazy and just stay up in Shoreditch close to home rather than going to places I know I will like just a couple of tube stops away.

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