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Happy NY all and a look forward

Being the end of the year this should be a post of things gone past. An attempt to delve back into those tastes I want to remember and a punishment of the ones I want to forget. Except I’m greedy and am more interested with what’s next and how I can best develop gout.

So forget the memories and let’s look forward. This is where I want to eat next year:

Penang in Malaysia – comments on previous posts have driven me slightly food feverish about I place I had barely heard of before.

Taipei in Taiwan – for my first visit to the Republic of China and not the People’s Republic of China. Apparently many of the Mainland’s best chefs fled there so the food is meant to be pretty heady. It also is apparently great as a base for kitesurfing.

Seoul in South Korea – it seems to be one of the cities the future will be created as it is where a lot of young, educated people are. I can’t wait to cycle around it and eat. I just need to find a guide.

North Korea – for the mass games though this looks slightly unlikely given the current succession issues. The food could be “historic” as well.

Okinawa in Japan – to backpack, eat and feel at peace.

Bangkok in Thailand – for the ultimate place to taste the combination of sweet, salt and acid.

Thanks to everyone for reading and helping me compile the above. I look forward to eating with some of you in the New Year.  Let me know what you are excited about next year.

PS if you are curious my list of the best of for last year is pretty easy:


  1. i have to take you and eat martabak in Indonesia! if you are ever going to bali or indonesia – call me – will meet you there!
    hope you had a wonderful new year… in HK jan – catch up with both of you then 🙂 xx

  2. Great list – and of those, Penang is also somewhere I hope to visit one day. Taipei is wonderful with a fine combination of posh Chinese places and amazing street food. Not so sure about North Korea but I read somewhere that historically the better chefs come from the North rather than the South.

    Happy New Year and btw, i hope to be in HK later this year!

    • North Korea is probably more for the history junkie in me. I just think it would be a fascinating place to go. The food will likely be timewarped horrendous fare but still. Taipei and Seoul would be my compensation if I went 🙂

  3. Penang has to be your first port of call this year. Georgetown has some of the finest street food on the planet.
    Bangkok was a let down. The food is good, but the street food is much better.
    Enjoy 2011 as we all shall.

    • Bangkok being a let down – I find that really sad though I kind of read your comment to mean that it is only the proper restaurants that are uninspiring. I think I would only really be going there for the street food anyway!

  4. I am going to both Penang and Bangkok in March. Woop! *smugface*

  5. Great list! Japan is on mine too but they all sound awesome. The Ledbury topped most peoples lists but funnily not mine, I loved it but overall it wasn’t a standout experience. Must go back for the tasting menu though.

    Happy New Year!

    • I still haven’t had a bad experience in Japan. Both Jen and I just really really want to live there now.

      The Ledbury was a combination of great food/ service but also a fantastic meal with my best friends on a brief homecoming – twas always going to be near impossible to top!

  6. Yeah, what @Mzungu said about Penang – had the best Indian food of my life there (including all I ate in three months in India). And as for Bangkok, any food not on the street is a waste of time – the stalls are where it’s at.

    Happy New Year to you both – I hope it brings much peace, prosperity and great eating. And maybe a chance to live in Japan. You’re definitely not the only one looking for a way to do that… Hopefully see you sometime in 2011 🙂

  7. G

    Happy New Year!
    PS, Im glad you’re raving about Ledbury because I have a reservation there for Jan 20! So psyched. I will be in London for a few days and I’ve already come up with a list of restaurants to check out. I must say, your blog is a great resource for reviews 🙂

    • I didn’t do the wine tasting as I was off alcohol that month but my friends who did left much drunker and even more impressed. Enjoy!

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