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Kimberley Chinese Restaurant in TST – suckling pig heaven

You are probably about to read a few reviews of the Kimberley Hotel’s Chinese restaurant over the coming weeks. This is because, last night, a snap of Hong Kong’s bloggers / foodies took the opportunity to brutally butcher a rather cute looking suckling pig there.

A "snap" of bloggersHowever, this is no bad thing, as if you can muster a group big enough to eat a whole pig, Kimberley Chinese Restaurant is definitely worth a visit and anything to encourage you to do so is a good thing.

The star of meal is the rather sweet looking suckling pig who is brought out, slow roasted and splayed, and then clefted into chunks in front of you. This is not the type of suckling pig you might be familiar with from Spanish cuisine (or indeed, other Chinese restaurants) but one with all the innards scrapped out and stuffed with glutinous rice.

The suckling pig with glutinous rice inside

The focus here is purely on that ephemeral layer of fat and supporting flesh and the glory it becomes when expertly cooked. And it was incredible – too rich, too unhealthy, a coronary attack in the making; just perfect. Interestingly for someone who likes the international side of food, there are still large similarities between the way the Cantonese and the Spanish revel and excel in making use of pig fat. See jamon serrano here.

Claypot stewed beef

Most impressively, however, this wasn’t just a pig of a meal. All of the other dishes also sung and the service was good (?!). Claypot stewed beef, salted chicken and vegetable and tofu based sides were all well cooked. Quite frankly, this meal at Kimberley Chinese Restaurant is the kind of high level banquet style Cantonese meal I have been managed to repeatedly not find in Hong Kong. Far far better than Sun Tung Lok for example.

I’ll be back. You should read the reviews of Jason Bonvivant, Mochachocolata Rita and HK Epicurus when they write them as they have the understanding to properly dissect the food.  And many thanks to @Supercharz and @Stegersaurus for an inspired reservation and great ordering.

  • Price – 250 to 300hkd a head
  • M/F, The Kimberley Hotel, 28 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


  1. Kay

    The pig really does look cute and it looks really delicious! Good way to eat during the hols I say! Happy New Year!

  2. London Chow

    Ah, a suckling pig for the new year… I wonder what you’ll write about for the Chinese New Year in a month’s time 😉

    Have you tried the suckling pig at St John’s? How do they compare? Alas, I can’t seem to muster up the crowd for the whole pig.

  3. I’ve heard good things about this restaurant for a while now, which is odd as the hotel itself is pretty so so. I wonder what other delights are happening in other non descriptive hotels in Hong Kong.

    I did get a party large enough for the pig at Sy John’s but noone wanted to commit to it. T’was gutted.

    • The hotel looks TERRIBLE. I would definitely go next time you visit. One of HK’s oldest food and wine bloggers (Peech/ Growing Boy) highly recommends it.

  4. Oh man, that looks tasty. I know what you mean about the similarities in the way the Chinese and the Spanish treat their meat – they take joy in every aspect of most beasties. A proper Cantonese banquet is high on my wishlist of experiences, I did it once when I was about 15 in Washington DC, but never since.

  5. Nice to meet u on that night. Its definitely not your normally touristy thing to do visiting Kimberley’s! Definitely agree with Mzungu as this hotel seems like its built for budget trips and rather outdated. Come to think of it, my Japanese friend stayed there last year and the room even reeked of smoke and bleach! 😛

    Loved our Babe with its nice tan and I swear it was still smiling! The beef briskets, marrows, tendons pot was very interesting, as you normally only encounter this in street stalls. What came to my mind instantly and now that everyone has also mentioned it, is how St John’s sell dishes using similar ingredients. PS: I didn’t eat the suckling pig at St Johns, but the Roast Pork I had there was terrible, tasteless and dry. Other dishes fared much better though! Kinda surprised at that 🙂

    • Great to meet you as well. We should organise some more unusual food outings. That was definitely one of my better meals in HK… despite the weight gain.

    • PPS I have never had a good meal at St John’s despite 10 or more visits with me not paying (wsa near where I worked). I am not sure whether it is just that I am crazy or that they are just selling cheap cuts, expensively and not actually doing anything that impressive with them. I mean Chinese food revells in odds and ends but does more with them,

  6. joseph

    how much is the stuffed suckling pig?

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