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Restaurant Review: Hackney Pearl in Hackney Wick

Jen and I have a peverse love of Hackney Wick. I think the reason is that it is the place that most reminds us of Brooklyn and the industrial emptiness of Greenpoint and Red Hook. Coupled with the fact that the Hackney Wick(ed) Art Festival is one of the best things to do in London we spent a lot of time there last summer wandering around visiting galleries and drifting around the canal.

That said, it is absolutely dead on the amenities front. There is the Wick Cafe and erm, The Counter Cafe, and a few pubs. You have to go all the way to Victoria Park Village again before you feel like you hit civilisation again. Still this is no bad thing as the desolation suits Hackney Wick well. Still it has always needed a nice urbanite destination for eating and drinking and on my last visit to Hackney Wick seems to have found it in the Hackney Pearl. My hairdresser, Mark at the excellent Whites on Whitecross Street, tipped me off on the Hackney Pearl and said it was a pretty cool new place to go up there. He was right.

The Hackney Pearl itself is very representative of Hackney Wick; stylish in a minimal, cheap materials kind of way. It has a comfortable well designed look about it and wouldn’t feel out of place nestled in in Brooklyn (which is a good thing in my book). We settled in on a cold Sunday and ordered some drinks and some snacks. Being in the Wick has some advantages, one of the major ones being that the drinks are fairly cheap. They were also spot on. My gin martini was excellent and Jen’s beer was just a beer but a nice cold one. The snacks also promised good things as they were all better than they should be with some delicious bread (always a good sign).

This visit was far too short and I will be going back with company as soon as I have the excuse. I am quite excited to try the food as the big table of 15 or so who were seated there when we visited there looked to be tucking into a might fine pork roast.

  • Price – £7ish for cocktails and quids for beers
  • 11 Prince Edward Road E9 5LX


  1. Anonymous

    I disagreed, the drinks are expensive and also the food is served in small portion for the price that Hackney Pearl has to offer.
    Most of the people living in Hackney Wick are artist.
    Well, in an other hand it seem that many other cafe are opening in this area.
    Miss little bit of creativity really.
    I didn't feel comfortable in that place, it missing a good energy in it.

  2. Tom

    Anon – I must have spent too long drinking around Shoreditch as the prices seemed ok to me.

    As I said I just had snacks but they were good and I loved the atmosphere. Will definitely go back and fully review…

  3. Great site dude! Finally found what Ive been looking for, thanks!

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