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Amber weekend wine lunch – its all about the Hokkaido sea urchin (2*)

I’ve been to Amber before (here). I very much enjoyed it and so I invented a feeble excuse to go back and try some more of chef Richard Ekkebus’ food at their new Saturday weekend wine lunch. This was despite the fact it was meant to be a lean January. Oh well.

And to further compound my financial pain, I broke and ordered one of the dishes they are so famous for. Their Hokkaido sea urchin in a lobster jell-O with cauliflower, caviar & crispy seaweed waffles. On its own this costs a weighty HK$440 (£36).

So what can one say about a dish where you combine hokkaido sea scallop and caviar and dress it with a bit of gold leaf. It is… expensive… it is Hong Kong… it is a floro-yellow painted Bentley with hip hop blaring out the back. It is you having a massive sea urchin brought out to your table and everyone knowing that you are quite a big deal.

Fortuitiously, the taste nearly matched up to the price. The sea urchin was moussed in texture giving you, when combined with the lobster, a light briney jelly. The caviar helped give you that salty kick to wake up the palate and the gold leaf… well that was just to show off.

The rest of the meal was up to the standard I now expect from Amber. It wasn’t perfect with a notable mix up which meant they forgot all of our apéritifs and still didn’t bring them despite being reminded a couple of times. However, when this is set within  a meal of calm relaxed competence it is soon forgotten. Now just to find another feeble reason to revisit.

  • Price – HK$698 for the 6 course wine matching meal. Hokkaido sea urchin nearly as much
  • Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, The Landmark, Hong Kong


  1. Anywhere that you can have a single dish costing as much as the six course wine matching meal has got to be worth a pop, bank busting or not. That dish looks spectacular and sounds like a dip in the sea – fresh and salty in a tasty way. Looks the business too.

    • Amber doesn’t muck around. Same place which does foie gras lollipops. One of the places that I have tabled for when you make it out!

  2. cntrljpn

    Your blog is truly fantastic!
    I will be in HK next wk and been planning to have a dinner @amber; thx for all the terrific posts on HK! (I got rid of the Lobby@Peninsula for the afternoon tea on my list)

    • Thanks for the comment and glad you find the blog helpful. I can promise you did well by skipping Peninsula – you would have found it a depressing waste of valuable eating time! Hope you get to catch some of the other HK classics as well. I can’t recommend Graham Street dai pai dongs and Yue Hing for an egg sandwich enough L)

  3. cntrljpn

    Just arrived here in HK this afternoon and about to hit the Chairman for the steamed crab! I’ll be sure to check out the classics as well. Thx once again!

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