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Cafe Review: Taylor Street Baristas branch on the corner of Old Broad Street and Threadneedle Street

After Time Out’s revelation (here) in this week’s issue that Gwilym Davies makes good coffee (who would have guessed that the World and UK Barista Champion 2009 does such a thing?) I thought it might be good to write something not completely obvious.*  Fortuitously Taylor Street Baristas complied.  Now despite working in walking distance of Nude Espresso, Pitch 42 on Whitecross Street, Dose Espresso and Prufrock Coffee at Present there is one place I go day in day out.**  Every week Taylor Street Baristas in New Street by Liverpool Street takes at least £22.00 off me.
The reason for this is that I think it does the best flat white/ coffee in London.  There has, however, always been one slight problem about their New Street branch.  It is TINY.
Then today, the same day that Time Out noted that London is in the South of England, pigeons have wings and cinemas show films, Taylor Street Baristas opened their new branch on the corner of Old Broad Street and Threadneedle Street right in the centre of the City of London.
Obviously one should never visit on the first day a place opens.  Today shouldn’t have been an exception, I mean there was the till and then right by it a 2 inch thick instruction manual that they were still wading through. However, it was still great.
Some of the baristas over at New Street have migrated over and been bought very expensive very flash and very new machines. And grinders. And then been given space to be able to move and jostle. The resulting flat white – perfection.
The sandwiches and food are also now given space to breathe. Or more accurately you don’t have to eat them crammed up against a wall.
Basically you should go but be warned they are still building the shop right around you. Be aware they will be a bit slow and that within a couple of weeks the lines will be out the door. But at the moment it is pretty much just you and an empty room full of the most expensive coffee equipment in the world and some talented baristas.
  • Price – £2.20 for a flat white with the most generous loyalty card in existence – buy 4 get 1 free.
  • 125 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AR

*Just to be absolutely clear it was Gwilym’s coffee making abilities that converted me to the proper stuff and I still adore his coffees every Sunday at Columbia Road Market (here).  It would just be great if Time Out reverted to something which told you about the new and stopped appearing as though it was written by ex Cosmo writters who are more used to writing about “10 NEW amazing SEX positions to WOW your partner” or flogging their city guides.

**All these other ones are still amazing and receive at least a weekly visit.


  1. Lynsey

    lovely review, thumbs up!

  2. Tom

    Well from Twitter I might even see you there tomorrow hanging out as will be having lunch with some friends there…

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