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Intercontinental Steak House in TST – ridiculous

Sometimes you go to a restaurant to pour money into a hole and enjoy a meal that is ridiculous, so unobliging to local culture or nicities and so expensive that it is just perfect.

I got old(er) a couple of months ago so it was time for one of those meals. Jen choose the Intercontinental’s Steak House and it was the right choice.

Intercontinental Steakhouse in TST
All excited on the Star Ferry over to TST
The Steak House is utterly farcical (in a good way). Menus are backlit like oversized iPads, There is a salad bar – seriously. You get a choice of 8 different types of salt and 12 different types of mustard and 10 types steak knives all flown in from different countries.
Intercontinental Steakhouse in TST
8 types of salt
And you also get meat, big chunks of it, bankruptingly pricey. And then it is cooked on a charcoal grill which the Intercontinental’s website rather obliviously states is “Hong Kong’s only charcoal grill“. They’ve obviously never been to any of Hong Kong’s traditional restaurants or the hundreds of local charcoal grill places.
My steak with a steak knife flown from Southern France hiding under the plate
Still, the meat was cooked perfectly, the wine contained alcohol and the view back across Hong Kong’s harbour was beautiful. I’ll hopefully go again next year.
  • Price – I didn’t pay
  • InterContinental Hong Kong , 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China (2313 2323)


  1. No doubt you are aware that this is nothing new in this world. Years ago when Ducasse opened in NYC, diners were not only offered a choice of knives but their choice of pens with which to sign the credit card slip.

    These guys are hardly the only steakhouse in the world offering a choice of salts, mustards and knives…

    • Tom

      Yup – but ridiculous steakhouses in NY are par for the course. They are NY. Good steak here is something rarer (pun not intended)

      I’ld be similarly amazed if I could find some good tacos in HK but they are pretty easy to find in many places in the US. If you know of where to get those….

  2. Belated Happy Birthday greetings. I also got a tad older last week. The wife took me to the River Cafe for lunch. Very nice, but sliding over from East London on the tube doesn’t come near hitting the Star Ferry. Still jealous.

    • Thanks for the belated wishes (I kind of hid this birthday). I have to admit the primary reason I look forward to birthdays now is to use the excuse to go out for the big meal 🙂

  3. Charles

    Great post! This is absolutely HK’s only charcoal grill in a hotel!

  4. Nice pictures in that kind of lighting. Or did u use that illuminating menu to help as backlight : )

    The steak-knives and salt selections are a bit of over-kill, but you got to give them credit for even thinking of implementing it. Wonder if they have a gold-plated bling bling knife for me if I need one ~

  5. That meat looks awesome. Seems you like medium-rare, right? I like juicy, just enough touch of the grill. I was wondering, between so many kinds of salt and mustards, which one you choose? that´s a hard choice 😀

    • Medium rare indeed – In the end I didn’t use any of the mustards or salts. Seemed like a waste and it would hide the good meat 🙂

  6. That meat looks like the biz, and it sounds like the meal was suitably decadent, gratuitous and fun – everything a birthday meal should be.

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