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Restaurant Review: The Table Cafe in Southwark

Let me start off by saying that my visit to the Table Cafe was accompanied by the best service I have had for as long as I can remember.  Quite frankly they could have served turd fritters and I would have still enjoyed it. 
But they didn’t.
We wandered in late, on a Sunday at 5:00pm (they shut at 6:00pm on weekends).  This is when any sensible staff would have their eye on the clock and be grasping for a swift exit.  However, they were the reverse and this is not a 3* Michelin joint or somewhere where you expect or have paid to receive such a reception.  The friendly laid back nature of the staff reminded me more Momofuku Ko but at about $480 less a head.

I used to live on the Southbank before it got ravaged by new builds and as soon as the Table opened it was a favourite. The reason being is that it looks like it is designedby architects (it is) and that the food is overseen by an architect’s wife (it is).  It is not the kind of place you travel to due to its canteeny nature but is, instead, an extraordinary solid local.

I was slightly worried that the food might have lapsed or, well, my taste bubs might have got overly pompous but it/ they haven’t.  We shared a two course menu (as we weren’t that hungry) of cauliflower soup for a starter and then a roast beef for a main.  The portion sizes were so large that they exhausted two of us and I am not sure whether this was just because they were (i) clearing the decks before home time (ii) we are such super friendly people that restaurants want to give us extra food or (iii) they are just this generous the whole time. 
Whatever, it was an excellent pub roast kind of meal but a notch above.  Quite frankly this has tinged some nostalgia in me and I would quite like to be living close enough again to pop in regularly.
 Price – £15ish per head
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  1. London Chow

    Gosh! The roast beef main course does look huge. Kind of reminds me of the time at Hawksmoor. Just curious, does the price that you have indicated refer to one 2-course meal?

  2. The Grubworm

    That's a might impressive platter/board of meat. Please tell me it's for two? Also, is that a whole kidney lurking next tot he beans, on top of the potato/parsnip/carrots. Next time i'm in Southwark…

  3. Tom

    London Chow – if I remember it was about £18 for two courses from a set menu which were easily big enough to feed two. As I mentioned in the review I think they were extraordinarily generous (probably as they were near closing). But still was a great visit.

    Grubworm – that was for 1! I would be interested to see how big it was normally. If it is that generous every time I will go with a doggy bag. That was actually a big ass portobello mushroom. That much kidney would end me.

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