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Boy Food: Shrimp Po’ Boys Part 2

Tom is rediscovering his inner 10-year-old. He’s been having “game night” where a bunch of boys come over to play xBox.  What this means is that they hole up in the living room shouting and swearing at the television screen until the wee hours of the morning. I feel like Mama Bear when this happens and last week decided to give them something better to eat than just takeaway pizza.

I made my shrimp po’ boys which I’ve posted before (click here for the recipe). This time I substituted cornmeal for breadcrumbs which I don’t recommend. It’s a heavier crust which takes away the focus from the shrimp. But no matter, I was more excited to gulp down the slaw.

This post isn’t really about the po’boy. You already have that. Instead, I thought I’d share more experiences about Central Market since I’ve been exploring this great opportunity for produce. This time, I decided to buy all my ingredients from Gage or Graham Street. I even bought the frying oil at a shop where they still use an abacus and keep their money in a metel pail. I admit the only cheat was the bread. It came from Robuchon bakery -conveniently located close to Tom’s office.


I bought 1.5 kg of prawns for $150.00 from Yui Fat again. They were big boys with the head and shell on. Just a few weeks earlier I had purchased 400 g of peeled and deveined prawns from City Super for $250.00. Since I had to slice the shrimp in half anyway, I wanted to do a comparison between the lazy man’s way and doing a bit of the dirty work myself. It only took me less than 15 minutes to rip the heads and shells off, slice them down the center, and give them a good rinse. Out of 1.5 kg, I came up with almost exactly 400 g of flesh. Plus I have heads and shells now for stock.

400 g

Granted I’m sure the lazy man’s way will win sometimes. If you just want to throw some prawns in a pan without a fuss, it’s a good option. But if you have time to be a Mama Bear why not make the extra effort?


  1. Tess

    I can’t get past the cornmeal-crust-coleslaw combination. I have to find a way to make that work! Or maybe just a whole skillet of cornbread & a whole bowl of slaw & a nice fat Sol….

  2. Tom

    It is Xbox not xBox. It is not an iPad.

    Gaming is Kool.

  3. w00t! Gaming night FTW!


    Sorry about that.

    Those prawns look the real deal, and you know they’re going to be fresh too. I would go for the fresh option every time, particularly if you get stock too. And is it me, or is there something satisfyingly primal about de-heading and shelling prawns?

  4. I can imagine this tasting really good with the Cornmeal flour on the prawns and the Robuchon baguette. Didn’t realise the prawns last time for the taco costed so much, would have paid you ! : ) Remind me next time…

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