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Bangkok – the cheap stuff

Krua Apsorn in Bangkok
Krua Apsorn with its decidedly non chi chi atmosphere

A few people have sensibly noted that I may have been slightly crazy by visiting a load of high end restaurants (nahm, Sra Bua, Bo.lan, Soul Food Mahanakhon) when I went to Bangkok as Bangkok has incredible and cheap street food.

Krua Apsorn in Bangkok
Krua Apsorn

Well that is true. But the other way to look at it is that you can eat everything. High end, low end, street, dive, stall, cart and pot luck and then tuck into something fancy at the end of the day.

Krua Apsorn in Bangkok
Krua Apsorn

That is what I did but what it meant is that in one week in Bangkok I put on 7kg or about a stone. It doesn’t feel so clever now but it sure was tasty. I am also really not enjoying the twice a day exercise sessions it has mandated on my return to Hong Kong.

Krua Apsorn in Bangkok
Krua Apsorn

Anyway, quite frankly you can get good street or cheap food everywhere in Bangkok but the places which stood out for me were:

  • Krua Apsorn cafe/ restaurant (pics above); and
  • the myriad stalls in Chinatown (pics below).
A Chinatown "kitchen"

Krua Apsorn is a cheaps eats curry place in every guide book and features reviews from the New York Times/ Guardian/ Lonely Planet et al on its menu. It may have been “found” but the quality is still remarkable.

Chinatown streetfood

Chinatown is well, one of the world’s many Chinatowns. But this one is stuffed full of hundreds of stalls selling better food than any other one I’ve been to.

Chinatown streetfood, Bangkok
A bit more Chinatown streetfood
Chinatown streetfood, Bangkok
And now some Chinatown seafood
  • Price – basically free
  • Street food and cheap food located everywhere


  1. Oh boy, now THAT is the Bangkok that I remember. All that wonderful street side curry – hot enough to sear your eyeballs, and yet still the tastes and careful balance shine through. And the omelettes – the joyful seafood omelettes. And then there are those salads, all pounded into a wonderfully crunchy flavourful morass in wooden pestle and mortars.

    You are, of course, right. The food in BK is not just streetfood, there is plenty of great high end stuff as well. But it’s the former that contains the heart and soul of Thai cooking. Wonderfully tasty heart and soul, I might add.

  2. WOW….you almost mirror the places i`ve been to in Bkk…. Nahm , Sra Bua , Bo.Lan.Im back at Xmas to try The water library ( maybe ). You must go try Raan Jai Faii on Maha chai road , worth the journey for her Pad Khee Mao. ( its on my blog )
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

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