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HK’s best – Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah is Hong Kong’s very own version of McDonalds. Except it is good. Let’s put it this way, if it was in London it would be in its top ten Chinese restaurants.

Tsui Wah doesn’t serve Cantonese food; this is Hong Kong style food through and through. And what this means is a mash up between the Cantonese trend to make everything tastier by adding, well, unhealthiness, and the weird British influences from its colonial history.

Tsui Wah cha chaan teng in Hong KongThe most famous result of this is Tsui Wah’s crispy bun with condensed milk. If you haven’t tried it you might think “yuk” but oh my god it is good.

And you can escalate the dirtiness to a whole different level by then ordering toast with condensed milk and peanut butter. This was the snack our secretaries had at work every day in the afternoon and I have no idea how they all remained around 50kg.

Tsui Wah cha chaan teng in Hong KongThe other dishes range between pastiche (the giant dirty hot dog), great (the Malaysian curries) and the inventive (milk tea champagne – i.e. milk tea on ice). The atmosphere is gaudy, relentless and so Hong Kong.

Tsui Wah cha chaan teng in Hong KongWhat makes me so sad is that this is a chain, a fairly big one at that, and they get it so right. The food is good, it is fast, it is inventive. It takes traditional dishes and rummages around with them to make them more fun, more instaneous and more unhealthy. Quite frankly, why isn’t there more of this going on? Chains doing it right.

PS you will inevitably end up here when drunk if you visit Hong Kong. You might not remember the food the next day but it was great.

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  1. Did you try the pork chop bun with fries? also quite good and lemon mint sorbet, ummm. It´s a classic of the HK nights or a good chance for fast and easy meal back home after gym. I go to the one in MK

  2. Chains are so much better in HK (and across east Asia in general) compared to the UK. And Tsui Wah is a great example – I’m quite partial to their fish ball noodle selection.

    • That curry they do. Seriously it is better than 99% of curry houses (not just the few malaysian ones) in the UK.

      Going back this w/e and know I will be visiting!

  3. sunfug

    And it’s open 24 hrs! (except I think they shut for 30 mins in order to clean – HK efficiency). One thing I noticed after spending many late nights in TW is how quick and competitive people are to ‘shout’ or ‘cheng’ their mates there. I’ve seen fist-fights nearly break out in the battle to be first to slam an Octopus card on the reader. Then I twigged that it’s probably the cheapest shout in town and exonerates you from the burden of coughing up somewhere more spendy. In theory anyway.

  4. Justin Fung

    Tsui Wah’s a bit hit and miss depending on which location you go to. The larger, well-established ones (like on Wellington) are fantastic though.

    • Well if you can remember it the next day… Wellington was our haunt as it is 5 mins walk from home. That said I always quick like the airport one for that emotional fix before leaving HK!

  5. mei win

    where is tsui wah? i am going to hk this june ,,,i am from indonesian chinese ,,,would you please give me more detail add, thank you

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