Restaurant Review: Trail Of Our Bread supper club in Dalston

It is a relief when you can be concise; our night at Trail Of Our Bread (TOOB) last Saturday will be one of the best nights I have this year.  If you like food and know how to get to London Fields without a map go here and beg for a place as you won’t regret it.

I can think of no supper club (bar The Pale Blue Door but then it did have Rusella the drag queen – review here) where I have had so much raw fun.  This was only the TOOB’s third supper club, it cost a mere £20 but it was blow you away good.  This was not about money, rep or anything else, it was about a passion for food.  And it showed.

We committed guest sacrilege by turning up early as the rain forced us into a cab.  There can be nothing worse than guests turning up early when you are having that final panic before everyone arrives but there we were, sober and judgmental.  This didn’t phase TOOB at all and I was allowed to assist with the stereo system and Jen was allowed to assist by drinking white wine.  This gave us all the more time to appreciate the decoration.  Their flat is the kind of thing “Friends” would be set in nowadays if it was called “Hipsters” and was set in Dalston.*  Industrial relaxed cool warehouse chic.  And then it had been attacked by a briliant set designer with a sense of fun.  Jelly fish dripped from the ceiling with lights blinking at us.  A painted mermaid stared out us from the edge of the room.  Toy fish nestled on our plates.  Passion and effort were embedded and baked into the flat.

We started with… bread.  It was good.  Then their fish themed sea voyage began.  Mussels in a vegetable stock which was confidently simple; generous and warming.  As with all good mussel based dishes it was all about getting to the broth at the end.  Then we went to prawn fritters with sweet chilli sauce and a homemade seaweed.

Then came a dish I will remember for the rest of the year.  It wasn’t complicated.  It was the equivalent of when The Eagle in Clerkenwell opened twenty years ago and said enough of these attempts to emulate French cuisine and reorientated food in London to something more solid but adventurous.  TOOB hit the same note with a fillet of perfectly cooked mackerel with chorizo and shallots.  I have never seen Jen fall over herself with praise in such a way as she did after her first mouthful.  I just kept eating hoping to finish hers off.

The pudding was a chocolate fondant with homemade barley ice cream and addictive salted caramel.  A “digestif” of a Fisherman’s friend vodka shot was not so hot and what I blame for my hangover.  By this stage the whole room had got into the nautical spirit and some of had lost our sea legs.  Over the past week I’ve sat and had a think and am still in awe and the food, the effort and the atmosphere.

Price – £20 but tip

* Unlike many I see the word “hipsters” as a raw compliment.  I mean that means my fixed wheel bike is nicer than yours.

PS the pictures in the header are from our second visit where we took a bigger, flasher camera.


  1. Fernandez & Leluu

    So happy to hear that our friends from Trail Of Our Bread is rocking it in Hackney! Really want to go but we always do the same dates! : ( Maybe I should do my birthday there in June! yay!

  2. Tom

    leluu – if they are your friends you can hopefully make sure I get a place again. I can't wait to go back.

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