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Cafe Review: Tina We Salute You in Dalston

Tina We Salute You (TWSU) is already on any sensible coffee fan’s tour of London.  The one shame about it is that it is up and away in the residential bit of Dalston.  This is a bit away from anywhere unless you already reside up there and wheel your prams around Newington Green and Stoke Newington Church Street on weekends.  It makes it a place for locals rather than coffee tourists or people who just want to pop in.
That said, I would still suggest a trip up there as it is a wonderful place to take your time in.  If you have a morning free on a weekend I would buy a copy of the Observer or Independent (the Times or Daily Mail just wouldn’t work) and go up there to nestle in with the paper and munch their snacks and drink their perfect coffee.
There isn’t really much else to say about the place.  It is replete with charm.  The staff are great (and remembered my order from when one of them used to work down on Pitch 42) and they have benches which you can perch on outside in the sun (not that often in London but still…).

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  1. Fernandez & Leluu

    I like their tea pots and tea too! And the nice spot in the sun.

  2. The Grubworm

    I walk past there every evening on my way home – keep meaning to pop in, but haven't yet managed it. Maybe when my walk turns into more of a stroll as Spring arrives I'll slow down and sample the coffee.

  3. Tom

    Grubworm – you have to go. Seriously! It is definitely one of the best places and I just wish it was that touch closer. Or if Jen cycled I could drag her there more regularly.

    Leluu – I just hope we get some proper weather to enjoy it this summer!

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