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Here starts Korea

One of the awesome things about moving countries is that you get to eat loads of new food and see new things.

However, if you have read this blog through the moves from NY/ London to Hong Kong you might be a bit fed up of the smug posts about the contrasting cultures and local food. So I thought it might be time for a short intermission of reality and to admit it isn’t all fun and joy.

Moving to Seoul

Moving countries sucks. My first month in Korea was spent in a wretched serviced apartment stinking of 33rd hand smoke and recovering from having four wisdom teeth out. I then got absolutely beasted at work whilst Korean bureaucracy endeavoured to prevent me from (i) opening a bank account (ii) transferring money into the country (iii) getting a mobile phone (iv) not being lost the entire time.

Moving to Seoul

Even when I moved into a flat it was then empty for another half a month with just me, an air bed, a Disney kid’s fan and a mosquito for company. That mosquito seemed to prefer blood from my face rather than the more traditional ankles or arms.

Then came the joy of ordering and getting installed a fridge, an oven, a kitchen, a washing machine (because flats in Korea don’t come with those) and internet.

Even when you are eating the best Korean barbecue of your life and drowning in kimchi sometimes you think why the hell did I leave the best food city I have ever visited (Hong Kong) where I can be on a beach in 30 minutes?

Moving to Seoul

Still its done, it is time for the intermission of reality to end and the joy of Korean barbecues and the array of Korean alcohol to be documented. Especially the alcohol. And just like with the other moves I’m already excited to be in Seoul if only for the mad joy that is Korean baseball. And hopefully we’ll get to meet some knowledgable local foodies and blog about all that is fascinating about Seoul and Korea.

PS in case you are wondering where Jen was. She was take advantage of a very kind offer of a friend to stay in a beautiful flat overlooking a beach. Next time she moves first and does the settling in.


  1. I have never suffered, at the moment, relocations with plenty of stuff to move (luckily) but I guess is not easy the first time, then when 2nd time comes should run smoother, right?

    Like any other city, pros and cons, I know you are already loving (can I say that?) Seoul though food from HK is something that takes time to fill, sure your instinct will show the wonders of korean food with a good plate of kim chi on the side, as usual 🙂

    • When you move with a lot of stuff you suddenly realise you absolutely don’t need any of it. And anything you care about is just a vulnerable thing to break. That said, 6 months later you are damn glad you have it.

      And yes I am definitely loving Seoul through the food. I just need to “get” it a bit better. It is too big.

  2. What do you plan to do in Korea? 🙂

    • Apart from eat a lot of food, well Jen is continuing to work as a Director/ DP and I am continuing my evil corporate career whilst eating a lot of kimchi. But basically we just want to explore an awesome country.

  3. Despite the excitement of a new city, a new culture and of course new food, moving can be a real bitch. Especially (I guess, having never done it) moving wholesale to another country. I guess you did have the kimchi and booze to keep yourself going for a bit. But still.

    Looking forward to hearing about the food and exciting new discoveries.Korea just isn’t as well documented as places like HK and Japan so a lot of it is going to be breaking new ground.

  4. Seems like you’re finally settling in! : ) Do enlighten us when you can tell the difference between the apparently 200+ types of Kimchi styles and around 120 Beef cuts on a cow. I am not even going to try starting haha

    • Jen and I have realised that we prefer the ghetto kimchi at the moment and rather shamefully. The good stuff is completely wasted on us!

  5. The wonders of moving to a new place especially when everything is in a foreign language…and THAT mosquito! goodness.

    Hope you’re settling in well now and can’t wait for you to discover some awesome korean food and should I say K-pop?

  6. Oh that mattress looks so sad and lonely. I’d love to just pick up everything and move abroad though!

  7. I think moving sucks big time. In the past 2 years, hubby and I moved 3 times within NYC, and 1 international move to Hong Kong. It was hard getting adjusted in the beginning but I am beginning to really enjoy HK. Especially now when the temperature in Hong Kong is really nice and people are freezing back home in NYC!

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