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Cafe Review: Towpath cafe on Regent’s Canal

I am off skiing tomorrow for a week so before I leave the blog to the tumbleweed of Jen’s posts I thought I would do a quick one on the Towpath cafe off Regent’s Canal as this is one she found whilst jogging.

When the rain finally stopped a couple of weeks ago we popped in.  It isn’t much.  But in a good way.  A hole in the industrial buildings which edge Regent’s Canal which was already humming at 10:30am on Saturday morning.  It should really only work in the summer when you can bathe in the heat and watch people wander up and down the forlorn canal.  But for some reason, even in the cold, it still sings.

I think it is because what they do they do well.  We had a light breakfast and every dish worked.  From good quality bread with tasty jams to pear with oats and yoghurt.  The coffee was pretty decent as well.  Having read a review by Time Out since we went I now know that it is the child of an Italian American food writer (Lori De Mori) and her photographer husband (Jason Lowe) and their influence has done great things with the place.  I am already looking forward to queuing up there in the summer to have a more substantive meal.  It is also refreshing to find a place which uses the canal and its desolate nature to its advantage rather than giving you one of the worst experiences it is possible to bestow (hint hint The Water House – here).

However, it is a probably a place to try and catch now when the weather doesn’t quite suit its location as it will get very very very busy and popular.  Even in the winter, as you settle in and watch people drab by its charm catches you.

Price – £10ish


  1. London Chow

    Took shelter Towpath Cafe during a trek to Broadwalk Market when the rain came. Had a hot choc and a brownie, which set us back by just under a fiver. I thought it was a tad expensive but I didn't have a chance to try out its paella though.

  2. Tom

    My god their food ambition has moved on. Paella? That is pretty impressive considering. They must have a house nearby where they prepare everything and ship it across I guess?

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