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Kimchi Deviled Eggs. A different kind of hangover cure.

I was hungover as hell. I hadn’t left my bed all day except to fill a glass of water and then later to visit the toilet as a result of said glass of water. Of the two of us, Tom’s drinking abilities are classically English. I am the quiet, less capable drunk. For me, Korea has not been kind.

I was due to appear at a girl’s night with a dish in hand. The arrival time was set for 7:30pm. My watch said 5pm, and I was still in my underpants. I rolled out of bed and shuffled to the fridge. I was determined to make something that didn’t require going to the store. And so this recipe was born.

I say this is a hangover cure because although painful at the start, the recipe forced me from the claws of my bedroom and actually did some good. Moving around, focusing my brain, left me with a clear head by the time the next party started. And I was only 15 minutes late.

Kimchi Deviled Eggs

  • a dozen eggs
  • kimchi
  • Japanese mayonnaise
  • sheets of nori
  • salt if needed

This ingredient list is pretty simple and for the most part, deviled eggs are not that tough to make. Peeling the eggs takes some patience, and if you are hung over like I was, you would give anything to have someone do it for you. But once you get over that hump, you are pretty much home free.

Boil the eggs for 10 minutes and then plunge in an ice water bath.

ice bath
Chop a decent amount of kimchi and process until pureed. The consistency reminds me of salsa.

Remove the kimchi from the processor and squeeze out the liquid with a paper towel. Save the reserved liquid.

puree kimchi
Peel the eggs, halve them and put the yolks in the processor.

Add two big spoonfuls of the kimchi puree and a good helping of Japanese mayo. Process and taste.

egg, kimchi, mayo and stuff
I ended up adding a little more of the kimchi liquid because I wanted a stronger kimchi flavour, but then this also made the mixture a little too runny. A friend of mine who’s a chef recommended making my own mayo as it won’t tend to overwhelm the rest of the ingredients. Next time, for sure.

Put the mix in a piping bag and squeeze into the egg halves.

piping bag
Cut up the nori with kitchen shears and sprinkle on top just before serving. This keeps the nori crispy, otherwise it’ll absorb moisture and go soggy.

kimchi devilled egg


  1. Can I assume it’s just the egg yolks you put in the processor, not the peeled halves, including the whites? x

  2. Wow these look amazing – can’t believe you came up with this using your poor hungover brain and also sounds great for a hangover.

  3. Yamahime

    This could indeed be a very good thing. Easy to make and looks very yammy, too. With crispy slightly nutty or spicy nori, ooh…what a fantastic idea. For Japanese mayo, you’ve used Kyuupi mayoneezu, right? Light or normale? I’d like to know a bit more what kind of kimchi works best with this recipe, if you have any advice on that, but I guess it just depends on taste.:-) Wonder if this can convert my little Kimchi-averse Yamabito (he just shrieked “Kimchi!!” looking at the screen)… will have to try this soon.

  4. these sound delicious; I’ve just made my own kimchi so this sounds like the perfect recipe.

  5. I cannot believe you came up with that whilst being hungover. All I can manage is to wander around like a zombie for hours on end …… Impressive …..

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the recipe. I also can’t believe this pop out on such a painful day. More kimchi recipes coming soon!

  7. Necessity is the mother of all invention, right? And this is a great invention. I love devilled eggs and have done them with harissa and sweet chilli, but the idea of pureeing kimchi just never occurred to me. And it’s an awesome idea. I wonder if it would work with Greek yoghurt in place of mayo..?

  8. ok that is indeed a first for me. never even thought of pureeing kimchi before . (?!) what a revelation. now I’m thinking of it in maybe stuffings for chicken or baked crusts for fish….

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