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Samgyeopsal Sliders (삼겹살)

So Jen was asked to do a recipe for Hypebeast. Of course she said yes and I was happy as it meant I got to test run about 20 of these little sliders.

The idea was to fusion up something traditional and nothing is more traditional than samgyeopsal. Apparently 70% of Koreans eat it once a week and 85% of Koreans say it is there favourite dish. And then she did a kimchi jam with it.

So the full recipe is on Hypebeast here if you want to make it.

PS samgyeopsal is three layered pork belly meat


  1. Joyce

    I wanted to make this for my cousin’s birthday. I noticed that the mustard is mentioned in the recipe but not in the ingredient list. How much mustard should I use. Also what kind of mustard? Also, what if I don’t own a scale, how should I portion the dough? Thanks!

    • Holy Cow, Joyce. Sorry I am just seeing this comment now. Basically you noticed my mistake. I did leave out mustard from the original ingredient list. It’s not a make or break, and you don’t need much. I usually have whole grain on hand, and a small spoonful will do.

      As far as not having a scale, I’d recommend investing in one if you can. If not, I’d just plug in the grams in a simple conversion to cups, etc. on the internet.

      Hope that helps!


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