Hey welcome to Jen and Tom’s page.

We conceived the idea of the blog in Brooklyn, began writing it in London and then moved to Hong Kong to eat there instead. We have somehow now ended up in Seoul. If you like opinionated views about restaurants in from all over the world with a focus on London, Hong Kong and Seoul as well as fusiony Asian recipes you’ll probably stay.

As the title suggests, I eat and Jen cooks. Oh she’s a Yank and I’m a Londoner.

We’ve also decided to be a bit more friendly so if you want to get in touch with either of us you can:

– email us here.
– catch us on Twitter (@TomEats and @JenCooks1).
– we Flickr (here and here).
– there is a halfhearted Facebook page here.
– I even do Google+ for some reason here (I hate it).

And there is even Instagram under the usernames “TomEats” and “JenCooks” and I must be the only man in the world with a Pinterest account here.

Enough social media to make you want to throw up.

If you are new to the blog a good place to start is my series of London Notes or Jen’s Chef’s Life which were part of us waving goodbye to London. And more recently there is a series of posts on HK’s best and the Korean drinking guide which got aborted early due to health reasons. .

We’ve been featured in some online stuff and hardcopy stuff but that isn’t really the reason we do it so there isn’t a list of it here (also because I am too lazy to collect it). However, if you want to talk about food and travel please get in touch :)


  1. Hi,
    I read about your blog in Glamour magazine (the french version) and I really like your blog. Me and my boyfriend have a food blog as well, but HE cooks and I eat :)
    Good luck in Korea !

  2. Kristina

    What on earth are you on about there is a picture of a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. John

    Terrific photography. Do you mind telling what camera you shoot your pictures with?

  4. Rebecca

    Hi Tom and Jen.

    I’ve just discovered your blog- I also think your photos are terrific. And am interested in the camera you use- be great if you could let me know!!


  5. Lu Yawen

    Hi Tom, I’m writing from a food and lifestyle print publication based in Singapore. We’re doing a Korean issue and are looking for someone who’s been living in Seoul for a long while to recommend lesser known places to eat, shop or visit. If you’ve been in Seoul for more than 4 years, I would love to feature you for the column. Do let me know! You’ve got my email address. (:

    Cheers, Yawen

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