You might wonder why a blog has to have a policy but what with the 10 or so readers we get a day you can’t be too careful… so here it is:

I (Tom) will only review or post about a meal if (i) I ate as anonymously as a ninja;  and (ii) paid. Simple.

What this means is that I won’t review anything I get for free or anything where I am recognised as a blogger (not that hard obviously and especially true now we live in Seoul). This is not to say I haven’t or won’t go to free things. I just don’t review them. If they are good (see here for example) I may well go back, eat anonymously and pay and rave appropriately about them.


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  1. Caro

    Just watched your Page then saw a foot and first thought it was mine. We took almost the same foto of a Lady in Seoul. :) was just so exited that I had to write.

    Greetings from Munich

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