Here is the list of blogs or sites we read day in and day out with a focus on food. This page actually serves as our favourites list.

Seoul Blogs

Ok, quite honestly there aren’t many we read and this is not for want of trying. Any recommendations, please send this way.

An Alien’s Day Out – a vegan in Seoul. Near impossible so ambitious.

Chincha – a what to do in Seoul blog focused on music and yout culture. Which is a great thing. Excited about living here which always helps.

Meagan.In – someone who can take pictures, likes nice things and is one of the editors of my favourite Seoul what to do blog (Seoulist).

Pikelet & Pie – food and beautiful pictures

The Seoulist – probably the best overview website in Seoul and they have a beautiful excited attitude to the city rather than the complaining expat tone so many sites adopt.

Seoul in the City – a Korean American returnee and one of our first and best guides to Seoul.

SeoulSuburban – riding the Seoul metro to all of its stops.

SeoulEats – one of the reasons I eventually found myself in Seoul was a food tour with this guy.

Hong Kong and ‘Asian’ blogs

Aromas y Sabores – a blog based in Macau. A place I didn’t love on my first visit but now quite miss. The pictures and prose make me miss it more.

Eating Asia – based in Malaysia and written by a couple who are professional photographers and writers and its shows. One of the best in class.

E Ting – lots and lots of restaurants and has been doing it for a looonnnggg time. Probably my pick for most knowledgable about food in Hong Kong.

I love Lubutin – the most entertaining blog about food in Hong Kong. Satire at its best as it is accurate.

Fernando Gros – not a food blog but an stunning photo and comment blog. Moved to Singapore so curious to see what he finds there.

Food of Hong Kong & Macau – a blog by HK Epicurus who is one of Hong Kong’s more famous Openrice critics and who also knows a hell of a lot about food and where to go.

Gastronomous Anonymous – for restaurants and on a temporary sojourn to Sydney to make you jealous with fusion cuisine.

G4Gary – a passionate foodie who not only goes to all the exclusive parties but is also worth knowing for tips on local only food joints

Gregoire Michaud – the head pastry chef at the Four Seasons HK blogging about pastry. Fairly obviously worth reading.

Jason Bon Vivant – for restaurants and Hong Kong and a detailed understanding of Asian food.

Jing Theory – a intellectual and beautiful blog by a Singaporean resident who gets to travel too much.

Mochachocolata-Rita – for recipes and restaurants and forrays into fashion.  She is also responsible for me eating spine.

Openrice – the dominant user generated review site in Hong Kong (think Yelp, think Qype). Most restaurants have a review in English but you can just look at the smiley faces. Accurate for Asian food, for Western…. ignore.

London and International food blogs

the CattyLife – Catty’s matcha crazed blog which does all the restaurants but with a lot more fun that most blogs.

Eat Like a Girl – at the centre of the London blogging scene and the organiser of the Blaggers’ Banquet (a wonderful London charity dinner).

Eat Noodles Love Noodles – Mr Noodles’ Asian (normally) meals around London.  Now with extra native characters goodness.

Fat Food Taxi – went through America on a road trip. Now back in London. Take much better pictures than I ever will and also do more interesting things. I think they are going to open a restaurant. Watch that space.

Leluu – the chef behind second supper club I ever visited but still my best ever experience (and now a good friend).

Gourmet Chick – basically makes me super jealous with lots of restaurants, great recipes and holidays to make you green with envy!

Greedy Diva – for lots and lots of awesome restaurants and a boyfriend (TPG) who loves bikes and Leicas (like me).

I Live to Eat and Eat to Live – someone who seems to have the best job in the world which appears to be travelling and eating.

London Stuff – food, cafes and a clever eye for all those interesting things about London.  What the locals miss.

Lost in the Larder – based in Bournemouth (I think) but roaming everywhere with reviews and recipes.

Nordic Nibbler – for when I want to tempt myself with something pure and Scandinavian.

One Million Gold Stars – all about London, recipes and restaurants.  Though she needs to post more regularly to keep me in touch with London : )

Pig Pig’s Corner – an awesome recipes and restaurants London blog who did a 7D6N extravaganza in Hong Kong that is epic in the amount they packed in.

The Grub Worm – one of London’s best food and recipe blogs by one of its best inhabitants.

Friends’ Blogs

Bird Wanna Whistle – a daily photo diary.

Burwell General Store – musings on food, plus a bit more.

London Litterature – the jottings of strangers and randomness around London as left in notes and flyers.

The Princess Who Thought She Was a Frog – for poetry and beauty in words. She wrote a poem specially for our wedding which is painfully truthful.

Triple Five Shanghai – for what you need to know about Shanghai (food and fixed wheel cycling wise).

Myrnamay – for your dose of design and beauty in SF. Works as pastry chef and does hipster natively.


  1. Steven Tao

    Been following you guys for the past year…love the site…and your lives! I recently visited Seoul and went to a restaurant called Poom. Hefty price tag (went for lunch bc it was more affordable), but worth every penny. Simple food made well in a terrific setting…simply lovely. Would love to know what you guys think.

    • Interestingly it is the major restaurant on our list which we just haven’t had a chance to get to. Glad you enjoyed it as will hopefully push us onto eating there. Thanks for reading 😉

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