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Reviews of places in Hong Kong

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a Mongkok food invasion – Hong Kong weekend

Last year one of the bloggers we most respect in Hong Kong – e_ting – kindly organised a Sham Shui Po food tour for Jen and took her on a trawl around some of the best places to eat in … Continue reading

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Hong Kong – the coffee

The coffee guide to Hong Kong. Everywhere good to drink and no Starbucks. Continue reading

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HK’s best – Hong Kong and Chinese desserts

HK’s best with some dessert food pr0n Continue reading

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HK’s best – the islands

I’ve been known to give Hong Kong some stick for its tourist tagline “Asia’s world city“. The reason for this is that it plain isn’t and to even assert it is stupid. I mean Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul…. To be … Continue reading

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HK’s best – The Chairman

All of the previous posts on ‘HK’s best’ are pretty cheap affairs.* They are the dirty dozen of Chinese and Cantonese cuisine and taste all the better for it.  This is not to say Hong Kong doesn’t have fancy expensive … Continue reading