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Restaurant Review: Bar Boulud in Knightsbridge (and why Giles Coren is wrong)

Giles Coren is wrong and I went to Bar Boulud with the intention of showing this.  Semi- unfortunately it was not the restaurant to do it with. I got back from holiday and had a flick through The Times at … Continue reading

McDonald's © 2010 . All rights reserved.

"Restaurant" Review: My Blogger’s Manifesto and McDonald’s in the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport

This is a review of a McDonald’s. Specifically this is a review of the McDonald’s in the departure lounge of Gatwick’s North Terminal. It is inevitably going to get pretentious but bear with me as it serves a point. There … Continue reading

Tsuru © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Restaurant Review: Tsuru Sushi in Liverpool Street and the katsu sandwich

Tsuru Sushi is the first restaurant which has really tested my blogging resolve. When I started this blog I only had two rules. First, I pay for what I eat. Second, I review anonymously. Now the second rule is never … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Hart and Fuggle pop up restaurant off Brick Lane

There is a twitter and food blogging zeitgeist in London.  It tells you that @HawksmoorLondon is good for steak, @Beas_Bloomsbury does tea and @Moolis does, erm, moolis?  And, well, its spot on for that. The zeitgiest also keeps you informed … Continue reading