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all the nature and crabs live here – Oregon

When you’ve been living in Asia for a while the thing you really miss isn’t olive oil or good bread. You can get things like that… at a cost. What you really miss is nature, unpolluted, un-China’d, radioactivity free and … Continue reading

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soy marinated crabs and fish wraps – Yeosu Expo and the joy of South Jeolla province

A look at the food down in Yeosu and the gejang Continue reading

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fish ok – Noryangjin fish market in Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market where you go and choose your victims in the market and go to one of the restaurants underneath it to have it cooked for you. Continue reading

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HK’s best – The Chairman

All of the previous posts on ‘HK’s best’ are pretty cheap affairs.* They are the dirty dozen of Chinese and Cantonese cuisine and taste all the better for it.  This is not to say Hong Kong doesn’t have fancy expensive … Continue reading