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Cafe Review: Caravan in Exmouth Market

Caravan doesn’t need any more good reviews.  The world loves it.  It was already buzzing when we got there at the keeno time of 10:15am on a Saturday morning after a swim at Ironmonger Row.  What I find most interesting … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: Dose Espresso in Smithfields

Dose Espresso is for no good reason completely unloved by me. I mean it is 5 minutes from my flat. It is located in Smithfields which is an area that gives me creeps of historical pleasure every time I wander … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: Taylor Street Baristas branch on the corner of Old Broad Street and Threadneedle Street

After Time Out’s revelation (here) in this week’s issue that Gwilym Davies makes good coffee (who would have guessed that the World and UK Barista Champion 2009 does such a thing?) I thought it might be good to write something not … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: Pitch 42 at Whitecross Street

It is strange that despite having blogged about numerous flat whites I have had around London (Exchange Coffee, Fernandez & Wells, The Counter Cafe, Tina We Salute You, The Espresso Room, Nude Espresso, Scooterworks, Taste of Bitter Love, Foxcroft & … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: Exchange Coffee and the Sausage Man in Lewisham

I have unilaterally decided that there is no one else as dedicated as me in the search for something new in London.  Last weekend involved traipsing around the Docklands to go to The Counter Cafe and its new offshoot (here) and this … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: The Counter Cafe’s offshoot Feijoa/ Container Cafe by the Olympic Park in the "View Tube"

Every now and then you discover something new. Last summer whilst bumping around Hackney Wick I saw a small handwritten sign feebly advertising a “cafe” over one of the bridges by the canal. Out of heat desperation we followed it and stumbled … Continue reading

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Cafe Review: The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury

Well you know you are in the right kind of place when you wander in and Gwilym Davies is coffee geeking about blenders with the barista behind the counter. The Espresso Room is very small and not located anywhere near … Continue reading