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a neo-Korean outlier – Jung Sik Dang

So honeymoon done and its back to Korea with a bang and Jung Sik Dang. This restaurant brings out controversial feelings in me. I first visited in Spring 2011 on a three day break to Seoul. Some two months later … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Le Chateaubriand in Paris

Let’s get something out of the way.  Le Chateaubriand is not the 11th best restaurant in the world.  For Restaurant Magazine to assert such things is a flotilla of crap.  However, coming from a Top 50 list that gave Momofuku Ssam Bar … Continue reading

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Nuno Mendes at Viajante in Bethnal Green

Nuno Mendes’ highly anticipated foray back into haute cuisine dining at Bethnal Green Town Hall with Viajante after his success at the The Loft Supper club. Shame the service and the pastry chef soured an otherwise good meal. Continue reading

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Restaurant Reviews: Top 5 of the year

Well after the terrible here is my list of the top five meals I have had this year…. So here goes: Best Five of the Year 1. Lucali’s in Brooklyn, New York.  Full review here.  The best pizza I have ever … Continue reading


Restaurant Review: Momofuku Ko in New York (2*)

When I first started visiting Jen in New York I kept reading about one chef – David Chang. Jen smugly told me that she had had him cook for her personally on one of her shoots but that really unfortunately … Continue reading

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Restaurant Reviews: Pizza East and Storey Deli in E1ish and Lucali’s in Brooklyn

This is a story of three pizzas. First Pizza The first pizza was at Lucali’s in Brooklyn. It is what I judge all other pizzas by. I managed to eat there three times whilst Jen was living in NY and … Continue reading