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Elliot's (1 of 5) © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Restaurant (Review): Elliot’s (futurely) of Borough Market pop up at Pavillion Cafe

I went to Elliot’s with no intention to blog and just to have a good dinner with an old friend.  Then I arrived and realised that London is far too small and I couldn’t blog as I couldn’t trust my … Continue reading

© 2010 . All rights reserved.

Restaurant Review: Hart and Fuggle pop up restaurant off Brick Lane

There is a twitter and food blogging zeitgeist in London.  It tells you that @HawksmoorLondon is good for steak, @Beas_Bloomsbury does tea and @Moolis does, erm, moolis?  And, well, its spot on for that. The zeitgiest also keeps you informed … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Brixton Village and Take 2wo’s Caribbean Restaurant in #BrixVill (Granville Arcade)

There is a particular form of guilt that comes from being a liberally educated white middle class male who has had all the advantages that life can throw at him, erm, thrown at him. For instance, when people start talking … Continue reading